What was Hitler's first name

First name: Hitler

In Brazil, children can have almost any word as a first name. The only condition: the word must have been printed before. It doesn't matter where. For example, if the proof is a postcard from Baden-Württemberg - a child can now adorn himself with the name "Württemberg Araujo da Silva".

Not every Elvis sings like "The King"

Sometimes Brazilians choose their role models as namesake. "Elvis", "Goethe", "Rambo", "Mao-Tse-Tung" or "Rummenigge" are then given Brazilian namesakes. Sometimes it seems as if first names are created according to your mood. The result: first names like "Julia Yin Pin Lin" or "Hale Bopp", after the comet that was seen in 1997.

No more Hitler ...

Unthinkable in Germany: to call a child Hitler

Unfortunately, a "Hitler" or a "Himmler" comes out when choosing. "My father, from an Italian family, liked the Nazis," says "Hitler Cazelle," a friendly man from Sao Paulo. Thanks to new legislation, "Hitlers" and "Himmlers" no longer have to take their names with them to the grave. Without giving reasons, you can get rid of the name within six months.

... or Hitler out of convenience?

But for that you need a lawyer. But many cannot afford it, because mass unemployment also affects the middle class. But even those who could spare the money for the lawyer, in part, choose to keep their ominous name. So the chief of police "Hitler Mussolini Pacheco" and the respected judge "Hitler Cantalice".

"Hitler Cazelle" from Sao Paulo says: "This is how I see my adult children 's identity cards and many other documents. Too complicated to change everything again. My wife has known me as Hitler for more than 30 years - and wants to not even that I rename myself. "

There is no rental mix

German names shouldn't make you laugh

In Germany things are very different: you can only change your first name if there are important reasons. And: not every word can become a first name. The registrars watch over this. They reject first names that violate common customs and order. Names that are offensive or completely incomprehensible like "Verleihnix" or "Unit" have no chance.

In addition, names that give rise to harassment, that are degrading or that make the bearer of the name look ridiculous are not acceptable. So you will search in vain for "Traktora", "Borussia" or "Fürchtegott" in German telephone books.