How should I promote my blog posts online

This is how your blog becomes an application helper

Hit the keyboard: With a blog, you can demonstrate your expertise in a specialist area and thus attract potential employers.

Blogs have long outgrown the status of a nice online diary. The websites, which are mostly produced by private individuals, are often very professionalTravel, fashion and cooking themes, others with Career, upbringing, energy or digitization. Often started out of passion for a topic, blogs are helpful for many self-employed people Marketing tools and serve as a - mostly manageable - source of income. But also with the Job search can be a blog helpful be. This makes sense especially for the passive job search, i.e. when you can imagine a change in general and want to attract potential employers' attention. The best way to do this is to blog about a topic that relevant to your industry is. In this way, you can show that you have specialist knowledge and, in the best case, achieve a certain level of awareness.

A blog has to fit - to you and the industry

This form of job search has already established itself in the USA, but with us you belong with one Application blog to the pioneers. However, that alone is not a success factor, a blog has to fit on many levels: • How modern is the industry? A blog can do well when looking for a job in the advertising industry. However, if you are looking for a job in the public sector, your own website is certainly not the method of choice in most cases. You should therefore always carefully examine the question of whether this modern form of application really makes sense. • Are you blogging yourself? To be successful with a blog, you should not only have a basic understanding of the content, but also at least a technical understanding. • Do you have enough time? A blog only becomes a success model if it is regularly filled with new content. These have to be carefully considered so that you actually address those you want to reach: employers, headhunters, recruiters.

Plan well, implement correctly

Before you go online with your blog, however, there are some other important considerations you need to consider. So in the beginning there is this concept. First, define the goal you want to achieve and think carefully about what content you want to convey with your blog. Find your niche and think about whether you really succeed in taking up your topic again and again. A tip: the more you focus on a topic, the better you will be able to really make a name for yourself. Those who write about everything and nothing, on the other hand, are not taken seriously. It is very important that you fully support your idea and that you have one in-depth knowledge have everything to do with your topic and are happy to deal with it. This is the only way to position yourself as an expert and new posts regularly compose. On the other hand, if you come up with a maximum of three to four articles, a blog makes no sense. Before you start, you should also research whether there are already other bloggers who are dealing with your topic. To stand out from this competition, you have to Your own tone Find. Also keep in mind that your blog should not be a digital journal that you only use to convey your own feelings and thoughts. Instead, think about how you can add value to your readers with your contributions without making yourself vulnerable.

Your blog belongs on the resume

Even if a blog is not suitable for applying for a specific advertised position, it can also help you stand out from your job competitors with conventional applications. Name your topic blog as a reference on your résumé. Also in one job interview you can make your blog a topic if the content fits. It also makes sense in your own Social media profiles to point out this. One note: be sure to post your blog posts always up to date hold. If you only have old content on your blog, the shot can backfire if you want to use it for self-marketing purposes. Spelling mistakes and poorly researched articles are of course a taboo. Text: Daniela Lukaßen
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