Who created the Salesforce platform

Salesforce Customer 360 Platform

Innovative customer experience is possible with the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. Everything on one platform including the possibility of developing new applications to inspire your customers. With the help of attractive mobile apps, your customers can get in touch with your company. Create a unique customer experience by networking your customer data with your apps. Then you will be able to better predict the behavior of your customers and offer them a special service.

Do you have ideas on how your processes could be made more efficient? The Salesforce Customer 360 Platform supports you by giving you the opportunity to easily implement your ideas in applications and apps to increase productivity, better collaboration or closer networking. You can make your company more efficient by further integrating your back office systems. Network your systems using powerful APIs and integrate any external data source with the Salesforce platform.

This then triggers a request to an AI service that is connected to a database from our AI partner Kendaxa. The database compares the entry and plays the associated address data record, which can be quickly and easily transferred to the local CRM system with a click of the mouse - without any media breaks. The highlight: Since even the data records transferred to the local CRM system are still linked to the Kendaxa database, similar companies and their information can be automatically transferred to the CRM system with little effort using the intelligent service. An indicator display reliably shows how similar the recorded companies are, for example, whether they are active in the same industry or region. In this way, new leads can be quickly acquired, which can be bundled in a precisely tailored campaign.

This is how intelligent customer relationship management works today. With our fully integrated AI-supported CRM plug-in, you take your sales to a new level, save time and are always at eye level with your customers. And another advantage: Since our plug-in contains a generic service, individual user interfaces can be developed for all common CRM systems.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With the Marketing Cloud you have all the marketing tools you need on a single platform. With the Journey Builder you can create personalized customer journeys that take into account all channels such as email, mobile apps, advertisements and the Internet. No matter where your customers come into contact with you, you have a central platform on which you have an overview. With the help of AI, you can quickly create and adapt tailored content for each customer, for emails and advertising, mobile devices and e-commerce to social media and customer communities, practically for everything.

Offer your customers products that they like or - thanks to Einstein - didn't even know they liked them.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Sell ​​smarter with the Commerce Cloud and inspire your customers with a seamless customer journey. Network with your customers in a unique way: online, offline and via mobile devices. Your customers can interact with you online through engaging mobile sites and promotions. In the shop you inspire your customers with personalized shopping experiences that you can combine online and offline. So your customers can buy your product instantly, whenever and wherever they want.

The personalized shopping experience ranges from product selection and price to filter results and recommendations. Your customers order from anywhere and can receive deliveries, contact your customer service, while your branch managers and salespeople can concentrate fully on customer advice on site in the store and follow the sales figures directly in real time.