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PayPal: delayed availability - what does it mean and what can I do?

You have been transferred money to your PayPal account, but you cannot debit it and is it not possible to make a PayPal payment with the money? This is the case when there is delayed availability with PayPal. For certain reasons, you will only be able to access the money after a few days. Here you can find out what you need to know about the topic and how you can shorten and avoid such a delay.

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PayPal: delayed availability - why?

If you sell an item and your PayPal account has received a payment, the company may delay the withdrawal of the money in accordance with the terms of use. In this way, PayPal wants to ensure that there is still money in your account when it comes to a repayment to the buyer. According to the company, this can be the case for chargebacks or repayments under the buyer protection program. If there is an increased risk from PayPal's point of view, there will be delayed availability. The following points with regard to your account can play a role:

  • many buyer complaints or chargebacks in the past
  • Assessment of transactions on eBay
  • the average shipping time
  • many canceled payments
  • the type of products sold
  • strong increase in your number of transactions
  • Few payments have been made with your account so far (therefore PayPal cannot assess you yet)

When can I finally access my money?

  • If there is a delay, you can usually access your funds after 21 days. This can also be possible earlier if you give PayPal a tracking ID for shipping, which shows online that the buyer has received the product.
  • However, it is also possible that PayPal blocks the availability of the money for more than 21 days if the company believes that your account is still associated with increased risks. For example, if you have had a lot of buyer complaints in the past.

How can I avoid a delay?

  1. Use a shipping service that can be used to track whether the buyer received your product. Enter the tracking ID of the shipment in your PayPal account.
  2. Present your item in the offer as precisely as possible. This way, you show the buyer what the product has to offer right from the start and reduce the risk of complaints.
  3. Tries to avoid conflicts, buyer complaints, and chargebacks.
  4. Communicate with your buyers. If a buyer reports a conflict as part of the buyer protection program, you should resolve it directly with the buyer immediately.
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