What is the Bayers Trial

Bayer: The process suddenly canceled - so it goes on

Over 11,200 glyphosate lawsuits as of the end of January 2019, two lost lawsuits: The pressure on Bayer management in the USA is growing. Meanwhile, according to the news agency Bloomberg San Francisco judge Vince Chhabria called off a trial scheduled for May. Apparently the court wants to bring some order into the proceedings.

Accordingly, the two parties should propose a mediator. "If you are unable to agree that the court will nominate someone," Chhabria wrote aloud Bloomberg. Apparently, the upcoming processes should be better structured and resources better used.

French farmer prevails

Like the news agency AFP Reported on Thursday, the farmer Paul François has stood before the Court of Appeal in Lyon against Monsanto (meanwhile to Bayer belonging) enforced. According to AFP 2004, the plaintiff suffered poisoning while using the - now banned - weed killer "Lasso". The litigation went through several instances and has dragged on for years. The Lyon court did not rule on possible compensation for the farmer. This is what a separate process is about. Monsanto should pay 50,000 euros for the plaintiff's lawyer.

The effects of this process on the Bayer Group should be limited. What is currently happening in the USA is much more important. Bayer urgently needs to come up with something to contain or defuse the risks resulting from the glyphosate litigation. After all, the share price and investor confidence suffer as a result.

Photo: Börsenmedien AG

At Bayer, the risks still outweigh the risks; investors are watching the further development of the glyphosate litigation from the sidelines.

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