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German championship in singles 2013

Pallino Memmingen provides the best boccia players in Germany

Offingen was the venue for the German individual championships for women and men at the weekend. The Boccia Bund Germany as the host of this event
was able to welcome participants from all German clubs to this last major event this year.
For the Memminger Bocciaclub Pallino at the start with the women, the city champion and Bundesliga player Andrea Steininger. Andrea Steininger won all of her five games confidently and became the new German champion in the women's boccia singles 2013.
Second place went to Morena Spiga from SSV Anhausen, Martina Cavallo from Arces Stuttgart, both German national players, came third.
Steininger, who comes from Dornbirn (Austria), has been competing for the Memminger Club Pallino since this season. In this short period of time, she managed to achieve good placings (team of German runners-up, third in the DM in a three-point) and also to lead the Memmingen team with her partner Günther Baur on the road to success.
She replaces Marica Pankovic, also from Pallino Memmingen, who brought the 2012 German championship title to Memmingen in January 2013, which was played out late because of the World Cup in Argentina. Another great success of the Memminger Club in the tenth year of its existence.
In the men's race, Rainer Altmann from FC Mintraching won the title of German champion, defeating Giusto Secoli from Arces Stuttgart in the final. Third place went to Sebastian Schiller from Pallino Offingen, fourth was Rodolfo Billi from SSV Anhausen. No Pallino players had registered for this DM for the men.

October 20, 2013 - 2nd BL individual

The last BBD tournament in 2013 in the second Bundesliga was held in the hall of Offingen. There were the final decisions in terms of promotion and relegation. From Pallino Memmingen's point of view, everything stayed the same. In this tournament, our players Andreas Braach, Werner Grieger and Walter Uhlig did not get beyond the preliminary round. After two wins in the preliminary round, Zvonko Pankovic and Helmut Wassermann made it into the quarter-finals. This was the end of the line, their opponents Winfried Mayer and Mario Vuodi were on
just too strong this day.
Winfried Mayer from SSV Anhausen, who defeated Helmut Städtler from TV Lauingen 12: 3 in the final, won with a sovereign victory. Mario Vuodi from Arces Stuttgart came in very good third, and he won the small final against Andy Hurtner from TSV Gersthofen.

13.10.2013 - Oberliga single

Grigorio Stirparo from Torres Augsburg wins the last BBD Oberliga single tournament in 2013

Due to the weather, the planned individual orienteering tournament could not take place on the Memmingen facility and had to be relocated to the Offinger hall at short notice.
Under the direction of Horst Tippelt, the tournament began punctually at 8:30 a.m. with the group games, in which some appealing boccia was offered. After a short lunch break, the finals started. At this point in time, the leader of the orienteering list, Norbert Polsner from SSV Anhausen, was eliminated.
the other favorites, such as the Schiller twins from Offingen, the German champion Marica Pankovic from Memmingen and the experienced goal scorer Grigorio Stirparo were in the semi-finals.
In the semifinals, Pankovic Marica and Stirparo Gregorio faced each other, who just went to the goalie player with a score of 12: 11. The second semi-final, the fratricidal match between Julian and Sebastian Schiller, was won 12: 5 by Julian, who played his game consistently on that day, won the match and made it to the final.
In the final, great boccia was offered, the scenes changed constantly, in the end Grigorio Stirparo prevailed and won the final just 12: 9 against the young Offinger Julian Schiller, who has what it takes to become a really big guy, just like his brother Sebastian. It remains to be seen how the Offinger Club promotes these talents and how their development will continue over the next few years.
At the award ceremony by the Memmingen board member Helmut Wassermann, he thanked all participants for their fair behavior, the host for providing the hall, the tournament director Horst Tippelt for the usual sovereign tournament management and the ladies Klara & Traudl from the coffee bar for the physical well-being, as well as all referees for their commitment.
The winners enjoyed the honest applause of the spectators and players and were allowed to receive their deserved prizes.

09/29/2013 - Oberliga double

Karl Groß and Winfried Kleine-Möllhoff stopped in Augsburg in the final

On the somewhat bumpy four lanes on the Augsburg natural sand facility, the Memmingen pallino doubles managed to fight their way through to the final. They lost in the final
then against the strong Lauinger team with Johann Lang and Franz Hirmer just 11: 10.
The tournament was played with no entry fee and no prizes, a bit disappointing for the participants in this tournament but still another great success for the Memmingen boccia players in 2013.
Congratulations to our team !!

15.09.2013 - 2nd league doubles

II. Bundesliga double tournament in Lauingen
In the gym of the TV Lauingen, the last double tournament of this season with 12 teams could be held under good conditions (carpet tracks).
At the start players from Lauingen, Offingen, Stuttgart, Gersthofen, Torres Augsburg, DJK Nord Augsburg, FC Mintraching, SSV Anhausen and Pallino Memmingen. The game was played in four groups, the two first-placed made it to the next round. After the preliminary round, the three Memminger pallino doubles were eliminated, only Günther Baur / Andrea Steininger progressed and made it to the final.
Here they were defeated by the strong Anhauser double, Morena Spiga / Joachim Martins just 11: 9, which they could defeat in the preliminary round. The finalists came from the strong group D, in which the Pallino doubles Uhlig / Wassermann also entered the race and were able to achieve third place in the group in the end.
Uschi Karl / Winfried Mayer won the small final against the team with Andy Hurtner / Salvatore Garieri.
In a good atmosphere and in a very friendly atmosphere, this tournament was confidently managed by the Lauingen tournament management team Helmut Städtler / Hans Jürgen Voigt.
The winners were awarded prizes by the organizer.
The last day of the tournament in the II. Bundesliga will take place with a single tournament on October 20th, 2013 in Offingen.

01.09.2013 - BL team

The SSV Anhausen wins again the German team championship in boccia
Pallino Memmingen beats Arces Stuttgart and becomes runner-up

The last two game days in the championship round for Bundesliga teams were originally intended to be played on the open facilities of the clubs in Niederstotzingen and Lauingen. However, the weather gods did not play along with the North Swabians, so they had to switch to the halls in Offingen and Anhausen. The decision about the title holder was made in Anhausen beforehand. With Arces Stuttgart, Pallino Memmingen and SSV Anhausen (Augsburg) three still had the chance for the German team championship, TV Lauingen could only tip the scales.
In the first game the Memminger had to play against Arces Stuttgart. The first match, a threesome, with the line-up H. Tippelt - A. Steininger - G. Baur against the veterans of
Arces Stuttgart was clearly lost 12-2. This was followed by two individual encounters, the first being Günther Baur from Memmingen and Pino Cavallo from Stuttgart. A great and high-class match, which at the end of the Memminger won 12:10. The balance was established. In the second individual, Carlo Gabardella, the German champion from Arces Stuttgart, was on the track, who had to compete against Andrea Steininger from Pallino Memmingen. The Memmingen club members who traveled with
Members couldn't believe their eyes, Steininger's performance was a feast for the eyes, she demonstrated the finest boccia and finished off Gambarella with a score of 12: 2. Memmingen took the lead, the decision whether to win or draw should bring the last game, the doubles. Zvonko Pankovic and Andreas Braach played safely as usual, put the ball precisely and with skillful Volo and Raffa throws the opponent was clearly defeated 12: 5. With this victory Pallino Memmingen was no longer taking second place in the ranking of the German team championship 2013. The cheering of the fans who had traveled with them for the successful Pallino team was enormous, the surprise was a success, a success that only the most daring optimists had expected.
In the other matches, SSV Anhausen won against TV Lauingen with 4: 0 and also the last match of the day against Arces Stuttgart with 3: 1, Arces Stuttgart reached third place in the final standings.
At the games in Offingen, TSV Gersthofen won both games, which meant fifth place in the end, while FC Mintraching was able to underpin its fourth place with one win and one defeat. The other placements: 6th DJK Augsburg Nord, 7th TV Lauingen, 8th TC Niederstotzingen

07/21/2013 - Orienteering doubles

BBD - Oberliga Doppel on July 21, 2013 in Niederstotzingen
The Memmingen double with Hannelore Rodler / Egon Förtsch from Club Pallino MM reached third place at the orienteering tournament in Niederstotzingen. The natural sand tracks on the Niederstotzinger Club facility were perfectly playable. The team survived the preliminary round without any damage. In the semifinals, the Memmingen doubles then had to compete against the team from AC Torres Augsburg, with De Luca / Stirparo, who coped better with the tropical temperatures and won the game 11: 6.
In the small final, the Memmingers faced the young team from Offingen with Schiller J. / Schiller S., in the end the opponent was defeated 11:10 and third place was achieved.
The success pays off for the Memmingen players in the ranking list. The other top division players from Pallino Memmingen, Karl Groß and Marica Pankovic, were eliminated after the preliminary round. The winner was the Anhauser double Polsner N. / Jaser W. ahead of De Luca / D. Stirparo from AC Torres Augsburg.

07/14/2013 - youth singles

In bright sunshine, youngsters from various southern German cities fought for points in the ranking list on the Memmingen bocce court. There were players between the ages of 10 and 17. It was nice to see that boys with already hairy legs were fighting for points with girls of 10 years. The mutual fairness was outstanding. The older ones helped the younger ones to find the best shooting position
For the Memmingen cleaner girls it was on the one hand the disadvantage of being in a group together and having to play against each other right from the start. The older Marina Putzer just lost. On the other hand, her 12-year-old sister Annika Putzer gained so much self-confidence and calmness through this victory and swept all subsequent opponents out of the way with clear gains.
In the final she had to admit defeat to the winner Benedikt Jung from Gersthofen. Third and fourth were the Schiller twins from Offingen. This 2nd place is another sign of the upward trend among Bocciafreunde Pallino Memmingen.

07/14/2013 2nd league singles

At the individual tournament of the II. Boccia - Bundesliga in Gersthofen there was reason to be happy for the Memmingen boccia players, as the three Andrea Steininger, Andreas Braach and Zvonko Pankovic made it to under the last four in the field of 24 players. In the first semifinals Andrea Steininger clearly won against her club mate Zvonko Pankovic, in the second semifinals Andreas Braach was defeated by the eventual winner Andy Hurtner (national player of TSV Gersthofen).
In the final, the best players of the tournament faced each other. Andrea Steininger led after a brilliant start with 8: 0 and 9: 2 before the local hero Andy Hurtner from the local club Gersthofen distinguished himself with successful Volo and Raffa throws and the Memmingen woman was able to beat the Memmingen with 11: 10 in the end.
In the small final, the two Memminger Andreas Braach and Zvonko Pankovic were among themselves, showed a great game on the difficult-to-play bocce court, which Andreas
Braach was able to decide for himself in the end.
Three Memmingers among the top four in a BBD tournament, that has never been done before. The other tournament participants from Memmingen, Günther Baur, were eliminated in the quarter-finals, Werner Grieger, Walter Uhlig and Helmut Wassermann played well in the preliminary round, but could not prevail, as only the first in the group made it to the final round.
The Memmingen-based company was very happy about this success, as it will have a positive effect on the BBD ranking.

07/07/2013 BL team

Pallino Bundesliga team on the way to the top
On the penultimate game day (6 + 7) of the Bocciabundesliga for teams in the BBD, Pallino Memmingen's team had to compete in the Mintraching boccia hall, on the good and fast natural sand track.
The opponent on Sunday morning was the local team from hosts FC Mintraching. The Memminger played with the cast Andrea Steininger, Günther Baur, Walter Uhlig and Zvonko Pankovic and clearly defeated the Mintraching team 3-1.
The three Steininger / Pankovic / Baur won 12: 5 and Günther Baur's individual was a clear matter for Neumemminger Baur, who left Mintraching top player Rainer Altmann 12: 0 behind. So you could easily cope with the defeat in the singles of Andrea Steininger, which was defeated by the strong Mintrachinger Christian Ebertz. The last game, a doubles, had to be won to ensure victory. Walter Uhlig & Zvonko Pankovic clearly succeeded in this with 12: 5 against the Mintrachinger couple Rainer Altmann / Ursula Altmann and thus the victory and the valuable points in the first game were wrapped up.
In the afternoon it was up against TV Lauingen, which had the best cast. Here, too, the Memmingen team showed themselves to be motivated and certain of victory, leading 3-0 after the three and two singles before the last and meaningless game, the doubles, went to TV Lauingen. A strong performance by the boccia players from Pallino Memmingen that day
With these two victories, the Memmingen team moved up to third place in the 1st Bundesliga table for teams and got close to the top positions, which
to be led by the strong teams from Arces Stuttgart and SSV Anhausen.
On the last day of the tournament on September 1st, 2013 the final decision about the award of the title and the further placements will be made. This is where the Memmingen team meets in Lauingen
on the front runner Arces Stuttgart.

06/16/2013 BL team

06/09/2013 German championship in three

06/02/2013 - 2nd league doubles

3rd matchday of the II. Bundesliga - doubles in Offingen on 02.06.13

The BBD double tournament of the II. Bundesliga planned at Pallino Memmingen had to be relocated to Offingen due to the weather. The organizer Pallino Memmingen with the tournament director Horst Tippelt welcomed 13 teams in the boccia hall in Offingen, who offered good boccia sport.
After the group games, the teams from FC Mintraching, Arces Stuttgart, DJK Augsburg, SSV Anhausen Pallino Offingen and Pallino Memmingen made it to the quarter-finals with 2 teams each. In the knockout System was then played through to the finals.
In the semi-finals, the Stuttgart Vuodi / Pellegrini won against the Memminger Braach / Grieger with 12: 3. In the second encounter, the Anhauser doubles with Uschi Karl / Winfried Mayer won against the Offinger Fischer / Benker with 12: 6.
In the final, the spectators saw great boccia, at the end a victory of the more experienced Anhauser against the Stuttgart Vuodi / Pellegrini, who had become somewhat weaker. Thus the tournament victory went to Anhausen, a deserved success of the old masters from the Augsburg suburb.
In the small final, the organizer Pallino Memmingen was able to secure third place with the doubles, Andreas Braach / Werner Grieger, but they won against the Offingen double Benker / Fischer just after a long match with 12: 9.
At the award ceremony by the Memmingen board member Helmut Wassermann, the winners were then allowed to receive their well-deserved prizes.

01.06.2013 - youth singles

Our two girls, Marina and Annika, had to complete the next tournament, an individual, on June 1st, 2013 in Gersthofen.
Unfortunately, neither of them made it past the group games.

Marina took 5th place and Annika 4th place in her group.

05/05/2013 - 1st BL double

On May 5th, 2013 the double of the 1st Bundesliga took place in Mintraching. Horst Tippelt and his teammate from the 2nd Bundesliga Günter Baur were able to win the game against Gersthofer Schwab / Schwab 9-5, but they lost the other two matches. As a result, they did not progress to the quarter-finals as fourth in the group.

04/28/2013 - BL team

3rd matchday in the BL team
The third day of the Bundesliga team was played last weekend in the boccia hall in Arces Stuttgart. Pallino Memmingen was placed sixth after two game days with two draws and now had to compete against the fifth in the table, TSV Gersthofen. As in previous years, the Memmingen team clearly won 3-1 against Gersthofen
The first game of a three with Andrea Steininger / Horst Tippelt / Zvonko Pankovic was clearly won 12: 5.In the first individual that followed, Andrea Steininger started for Pallino, leading 7-0 and 9-2 against Sebastian Rottenbacher from Gersthofen, but the lead that was believed to be safe melted, concentration decreased and the game was lost 10-12 slight shock for the Memmingen team.
In the second single of the match, Günther Baur faced the Gersthofen international Andy Hurtner. After a well-managed game, Günther Baur clearly won this match with 12: 0, a clear announcement for the last and decisive game.
In the final doubles, the strongest Pallino players from Memmingen that day, Günther Baur / Zvonko Pankovic, played a big role and clearly won this game against Hermann and Markus Schwab (father & son) with 12: 6.
The joy of the clear 3: 1 victory, a great team performance was very great, which currently means 4th place in the table of the I. Bundesliga teams. Pallino Memmingen can look positively into the future thanks to the personnel reinforcement with Baur / Steininger and the existing licensed player potential.
The 3rd ranking tournament of the 1st Bundesliga starts next Sunday in Mintraching with a double, in which the Memmingen-based Horst Tippelt and Günther Baur start.

March 24th, 2013 - youth singles

Successful start of the Pallino youth player Marina Putzer in the singles in Offingen

With an individual tournament in the boccia hall in Offingen, the BBD (Boccia Bund Deutschland) started the 2013 season with its youth league U 18.
The game was played in two groups with four players each, each against each other, the two first group progressed and played out the winner in the knockout system. Pallino Memmingen was represented by the siblings Marina and Annika Putzer. At the first tournament of the year, the drawing takes place at random, which now happened to bring the siblings together in the same group.
Marina Putzer came in second in the group in the quarter-finals and was defeated here by the later winner and youth national player Sven Orend. In the game for third place, she then won against Sebastian Schiller from Offingen with 11: 8.
Sven Orend from Gersthofen, who also plays in the 1st Bundesliga, won the final against Julian Schiller from Offingen.
Annika Putzer took a good fifth place in the final ranking.
A successful start for the Memminger Boccia Youth.

03.03.2013 - BL team

Pallino starts with two draws

At the start of the championship round for teams of the BBD Bocciabund Germany in the Offinger Bocciahalle, the Pallino Memmingen team played two draws.
In the morning the game against DJK Augsburg was on the program. The first game, the three (Steininger - Braach -Tippelt), was lost after a weak start of the Memmingen team with a score of 12: 11. The second game, a single, was won by Horst Tippelt against Tesoro from Augsburg by just 12: 11, in the second single, Zvonko Pankovic from Memmingen won against Antonio Milito with 12: 8, the Pallino team Walter Uhlig / Andreas Braach lost the last and decisive double . So the first game ended with a fair 2-2.
In the afternoon the game against the hosts Pallino Offingen was on the program. The first game, the three with Pankovioc / Steininger / Uhlig, won the Offingen, also the following single of the Memminger Zvonko Pankovic went to Offingen, so after a 0: 2 deficit both games had to be won by at least one
Save a tie. No sooner said than done, the Memmingen newcomer Andrea Steininger (vice European champion from 2011) won the second single against the Offinger Fortunato with 12: 10, the last game of the doubles was played by the Pallino players Tippelt / Uhlig after a tactically clever game and clearly fought the hosts 12: 6 down, in the end there was another draw with 2: 2.
A successful start for Pallino Memmingen, considering that the second newcomer Günther Baur has been canceled due to illness, one can look to the next round with optimism.
Next Sunday, the upper league of the Boccoabund Germany will start the 2013 season with a single tournament in Anhausen. At the start the Pallino players Marica Pankovic, Karl Groß and Natale Stagliano.

February 24, 2013 - 2nd league doubles

The start of the II. BL of the BBD on February 24th, 2013 began in the boccia hall of Arces Stuttgart with a double tournament.
Also included are the Pallino double pairings Grieger Werner / Pankovicv Zvonko and Uhlig Walter / Wassermann Helmut, who performed well at the first tournament this year
could. In the field of 28 players, the game was played in 8 groups, the first two of each group progressed, then it went to the final in a knockout system.
Pleasing from the Memminger's point of view, both doubles progressed, also won their games in the quarter-finals and qualified for the semi-finals among the last four
remaining double pairings, which were a pure matter of the clubs from Anhausen and Memmingen.
In the first semifinal, the Memmingen team Grieger / Pankovic played a good match with very good actions against the Anhauser Morena Spiga / Martins Joaqims, but in the end the Anhauser team won just under 11: 10. The second semifinal encounter with the Pallinoteam Uhlig / Wassermann against the Seasoned veterans from Anhausen Winfried Mayer / Uschi Karl was hard fought for a long time, here too the Anhausers won 11: 9 in the end.
The final, an Anhaus club affair, was fiercely contested, great boccia was offered and in the end the veterans Mayer / Karl won after a classic catch-up. In the small final, the teams from Pallino Memmingen faced each other, which after a very balanced course of play in the end with Grieger / Pankovic had a deserved winner.
At the awards ceremony by the organizer, the winners were able to receive their material prizes, and the organizer thanked them for the fair and sporty behavior at this tournament.
Next weekend the first Bundesliga starts with the team round in Offingen. The opponent of the Memmingen team is DJK Augsburg Nord in the morning and the host Pallino Offingen in the afternoon.

02/17/2013 - 1st BL individual

The start of the 2013 boccia season of the Bocciabund Germany and its affiliated clubs turned out to be quite decent from the point of view of the Memmingen Club. Horst Tippelt, Pallino's only representative in the 1st Bundesliga, played quite successfully in the first ranking tournament in Offingen. He started with two wins and one defeat in his group, but due to the better point difference of his group opponent Rainer Altmann (Mintraching), he had to let him win and thus advance to the next round. In the end, he was ninth in the field of 32 players. The tournament was won by Carlo Gambardella (Arces Stuttgart), who defeated Albert Möschel from SSV Anhausen in the final.

Introduction of the licensed players

This year we would like to introduce some of our players again:

12./13.01.2013 - DM in single

German championship in boccia - singles 2012 in Anhausen

The German Boccia Singles Championships 2012 in Anhausen were held at the weekend with a little delay. The reason was the World Championships in Argentina at the end of 2012.
The Anhausen Bocciastadl with its three lanes and the entire environment was the right location for a good and great event, both in terms of the organization as well as the sporting achievements.
Big surprise at the women's tournament. For the Memminger Club Pallino, with Marica Pankovic, a player won the title of German champion in boccia (singles) for the first time. To start in the field of the six best players of the Boccia Bund Germany, it first required the motivation of her husband, who also plays Boccia, in order to take part in the tournament at all. As a top division player, she recently just barely missed promotion to the II. Bundesliga in a relegation tournament, all the greater the unexpected success in this DM. With a total of four games won and only one defeat, Marica Pankovic could no longer take the title of the DM. Second place went to Margherita Tesoro from Augsburg, third place went to the highly popular Morena Spiga from SSV Anhausen.
The tournament management only revealed the order after the tournament was over, which caused great joy and disbelief in the winner from Memmingen at the award ceremony.
The men's field, with 29 players, started on Saturday, with the Pallino player Horst Tippelt, who made it to the round of 16, and Helmut Wassermann, who was eliminated after the group phase, then made a name for himself as a referee (Distinction, as a sovereign referee).
The last four players included the old master Domenico Ferrrara from SSV Anhausen, the local hero and the boys Andy Hurtner (17 years old), Jakob Kraus (20 years old) both from the talent factory of TSV Gersthofen, and the young Mintrachinger Maxi Würzinger (17 years old) ), the hopeful offspring of the BBD. The placements were then achieved in this order. German champion thus Domenico Ferrara in front of the "up-and-coming young" generation.
At the festival evening of the Bocciabund Germany, the ranking winners of all leagues were honored and awarded certificates and trophies. With Pallino Memmingen who
Youth player Marina Putzer with fourth place in the U18 youth league of the BBD.
Pallino Memmingen was honored for the excellent youth work, which fulfilled all the criteria of the sponsor, the Sparda - Bank Augsburg. The 1st board member, Helmut Wassermann, was allowed to receive a check for € 500 for youth work. TSV Gersthofen was awarded € 300. — and the Boccia community for its youth work
Pallino Offingen was awarded € 200 (see also here).
Horst Tippelt from Memmingen provided musical entertainment for the evening and got the boccia family in the mood with lively music.
There was also special recognition and thanks from the BBD President for the participation of the boccia players of all BBD clubs as referees on the occasion of the Special Olympics in April last year in Munich, where the Memmingen delegation, above all Walter Uhlig, Andreas Braach and Horst Tippelt, participated to have.
For the Memminger Club, the club with the largest number of members in the Bocciabund Germany, a successful start to a very promising 2013 season.

Results gentlemen

Results women

Newspaper report here

01/04/2013 OL decision

Since after the last official league tournament 3 women with the same points were in 5th place and this place is the last promoted place in the ranking, these three had to play a decider. It was our player Pankovic Marica as well as the player from SSV Anhausen Spiga Morena and FC Mintraching Dietrich Cornelia.
The elimination game took place in Offingen so that the same conditions prevailed for all three.
In the end, our Marica only narrowly escaped the ascent. With an excellent performance, she unfortunately only reached second place in the end and thus does not move up to the 2nd Bundesliga.

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