What happens to CGL 2018


31 exchange students and the three teachers Anne-Carolin Schwarz, Aurélie Guéroult and Marc Monot from Fécamp in Normandy spent eight days with our German exchange partners. Having just recovered from the eleven-hour bus ride, the French got to know the school on a tour on the first day and introduced themselves to the town hall. Löningen was explored during a city rally.

The French guests enriched our open house by selling crepes and playing games with their exchange partners. Germans and French then used the weekend for family activities.

On various excursions, the guests explored the Klimahaus Bremerhaven and the cities of Oldenburg and Bremen, which they got to know through games or city rallies, whereby strolling was not allowed to be neglected.

But people also worked well together in class, e.g. in the so-called "Ateliers" on various topics in German and French, including, for example, "German and French music in comparison" and "German and French cuisine" or "Mimics and gestures". The équipes measured their strength in a joint dodgeball tournament.

On the farewell evening, everyone came together in the rifle house in Matrum to review the experiences over schnitzel and salads. Music and dance alleviated the pain of parting, but when the groups had to separate the next day, it was clear how well everyone had grown together in this short time, because there were plenty of tears. Fortunately, everyone will see each other again soon in Fécamp!