How much does the smallest roundabout cost

A mini roundabout has been regulating traffic in Niederfrauendorf since the end of February. It is still controversial among the population. Frauendorf's mayor Martin Walther (Reinhardtsgrimma voters' association) admits that his fears have not been confirmed. People drive more cautiously, especially those who are on the previous main road. Shortly after the roundabout was built, he often observed that vehicles coming from Dipps or Glashütte drove up very quickly.

This created dangerous situations. These have not existed recently. The roundabout has ensured that there are no more traffic jams in the village. As far as he is aware, there were also no accidents with cyclists, although their number has increased due to the corona epidemic. "Many who otherwise never or rarely rode their bikes have bought e-bikes," says the local manager.

The verdict of Stanley Gaude, junior boss of the Cunnersdorfer forwarding company Lukas, is different. "95 percent of the people I've talked to about the roundabout think it's pointless," he says. He also sees it that way. With a normal car coming from Reinholdshain, it is not possible to drive around the roundabout to Reinhardtsgrimma without pushing back. You can see that in the scratches and abrasions on a corner of the house and the crash barrier. He knows some who are so unsettled by the roundabout that they switch to other streets. You do not drive from Dipps to Reinhardtsgrimma via Niederfrauendorf, but via Hirschbach.

Even his truck drivers don't think much of the roundabout, the middle of which they have to drive over in any case. Gaude advocates making the street that connects Dipps and Glashütte back to the main street and putting up stop signs on the streets of Reinhardtsgrimma and Oberfrauendorf. The speed should be limited to 30 km / h on all three sides, and speed cameras should be set up. That would be the best solution for him. Niederfrauendorf would have one of the safest intersections. And how does the person responsible for the redesign, the State Office for Road Construction and Transport, see it? For the SZ, the office drew an initial conclusion.

How many accidents have there been so far?

"According to the information available to us, there have been three accidents so far," says Rosalie Stephan from the State Office for Road Construction and Transport (Lasuv). This means that the number of accidents has not changed since June of this year.

Have experts looked at the top?

On behalf of Lasuv, a specialist planning office followed the traffic processes with video recordings and on-site observations. Aim of the campaign: An initial assessment should be made three months after the acclimatization period. It happened. The office has submitted a report with the most common driving errors. However, it was also registered that the mini-gyro had the effect that most cars and trucks approach the gyro much more slowly. Mutual consideration has increased and has ensured that the mini roundabout increases traffic safety.

What are many road users doing wrong?

The mini roundabout itself as well as the signage as a roundabout cause irritation again and again. The road users are insecure, do not know how to behave correctly, especially who has the right of way and when and when they have to blink, says Lasuv. Errors are mainly made when turning left and when driving straight ahead by driving over the circular island.

Is there a need to change the roundabout?

The specialist planner and the Lasuv think about small changes. It is considered to draw a white broad line around the circular island so that it has a better effect. An increase of the circle island by about three centimeters was rejected, so Stephan. This would have improved the visual perception and made the island a small obstacle for cars to drive on. At the same time, it would have been made difficult for winter service. That is why discussions are still being held with various experts here.

Have there been suggestions from local residents?

Although the mini gyro provided plenty of talking point in the run-up to and in the first few weeks of commissioning, the Lasuv has not received any suggestions so far. "We see that as a good sign," says Rosalie Stephan.

Can you already see whether the mini top will stay?

According to the current state of knowledge, the traffic test will be continued, says Stephan. The Lasuv experts are currently unable to say whether the mini roundabout will remain permanent after the one-year traffic attempt has expired and whether further changes will be made.

Is the State Office planning further mini gyros?

The Lasuv is currently not planning any further mini-roundabouts. If the traffic attempt turns out positive, a decision may be made to build further mini roundabouts. But in other places too, the local situation and traffic conditions must allow this.

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