Is Twitter a safe place for Trump

US President on Twitter : Trump persistently rages against musical ensemble

The designated US President Donald Trump can sometimes not contain himself even after the mud fight in the election campaign on social media. At the weekend he first reprimanded the ensemble of the successful Broadway musical "Hamilton", which had used the visit of Trump's future vice-president Mike Pence to send a warning to the Republican.

"Our wonderful future Vice President Mike Pence was molested last night in the theater by the 'Hamilton' ensemble, in front of the cameras. That shouldn't happen," Trump tweeted at first.

Then he followed up in the next tweet. "The theater must always be a safe and special place," wrote Trump. "The 'Hamilton' ensemble was very rude to a very good man last night, Mike Pence. Sorry!"

Musical actor Brandon Victor Dixon, who read the message to Pence, did not leave Trump's accusation uncommented. "Conversation is not harassment, sir," he tweeted to Trump's address. And he welcomed that Pence stayed to listen.

Trump responded promptly with a swipe at Dixon. Now he called the behavior of the ensemble "very crude" and added, referring to Dixon: "Couldn't even memorize the text!"

Although this tweet documented by CNN was later deleted, it was typical of Trump's spontaneous reaction and his tirades, which were known from the election campaign. His wife Melania had already advised him to tweet less in the future.

Trump also added it again on Sunday. "The ensemble and producers of 'Hamilton', which I hear is grossly overrated, should apologize right away for their terrible behavior towards Mike Pence," he tweeted.

Some comments see the fact that Trump is so insistent on the musical incident as a calculated maneuver. He wanted to distract them from his anger with the dubious "Trump University".

Trump had agreed to pay $ 25 million on Friday in a settlement to compensate students who had been cheated at the pseudo-university. He had justified this with the fact that as the future US president he would no longer have time for lengthy legal disputes, which he would of course win.

Boos for pence

Pence, the former governor of Indiana, had watched the successful musical "Hamilton" on Friday evening (local time) in the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway. He was booed in the process. When he was about to leave the hall after the performance, he was stopped on the stage by Dixon's powerful voice. "We have a message for you and we hope that you will listen to us," Dixon shouted to the future US vice-president.

Standing in front of the assembled ensemble, Dixon then talked the Republican into conscience. "We are the diverse America - those who are concerned and fearful that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children and our parents, and will not uphold our immutable rights," said Dixon. "We hope this performance has inspired you to uphold our American values ​​and work for all of us."

The hip-hop musical about the first US Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, is a huge hit on Broadway and is critically acclaimed.

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