How do I know I love her

Does she really love me How you can tell for sure that she is in love with you

Apparently you are also tormented by the uncertainty: Does she really love me, or is it just friendship between us? And how do I know that she loves me? In this article I want to tell you the most important signs by which you can tell whether she likes you. Learn to understand the secret language of women with my tips! The great thing is that if you know where you are with her, you can plan your next steps much better.

By the way: In the past, it always drove me half mad not to know what the opposite sex was about. Does she love me or not? This question didn't let me sleep at night when I was madly in love with it myself. And asking them openly about their feelings - that was not what I got. The fear of a basket was just too big ... In addition, such a question turns the girls off, as I'll show you.

Why a woman never says "I love you" when they meet

It could all be so uncomplicated: The women tell us their feelings while taking a walk or a glass of wine ... and give us men a direct invitation to kiss them. Hey, the relationship is perfect! Unfortunately, the game of love doesn't work that simple. A girl will usually not tell you what she thinks and feels. Also a demand like "What's that between us?" or "Do you love me?" does not go down very well with women.

But why is that so? Couldn't it be a lot easier? Unfortunately, the reality looks different: As a man, women expect you to be attentive enough and to recognize their flirting signals by yourself when you sit across from each other at a meeting (e.g. in a café). She also wishes that you are brave enough when she gives you the “green light” and then takes the next step to seduce her according to all the rules of the art.

Is she in love with me How you can tell that she likes you

A clear one "I love you" So 99% of the time you won't hear from women. Then how do I know if she loves me and is open to a relationship? You will surely ask yourself that now. A mind-reading machine has not yet been invented ... Fortunately, the situation is not that difficult if you approach dating with open eyes. There are a few clear signs that you can tell that she loves you.

You don't have to take an online test to find out how much they love them. I'll give you some sure signs that you can tell if she is in love with you - or if you are just a good friend to her. If you follow my tips and develop the right eye for their flirtation signals, you can read their feelings like an open book - we promise!

The safest signs: You can tell by her body language whether she is in love

The famous mime artist and body language expert Samy Molcho once said: "The tongue can lie, the body never!" I think that's correct. That's why you can tell pretty well from the woman's gestures and facial expressions whether she likes you and possibly wants a relationship. The following signs reveal whether she's into you:

  • Your posture is generally open (e.g. no arms crossed over your chest)
  • She smiles at you a lot and laughs a lot
  • She looks you long and hard in the eye
  • During the conversation, she leans in your direction
  • When standing she crosses her legs (Message: "There is no reason to take an escape stance, I trust you!")
  • She runs her fingers through her hair
  • She touches you in conversation
  • Your face turns red
  • It comes physically close to you when you sit or stand
  • She tilts her head (on the neck or on the shoulder) and thus exposes her neck (like in the vampire film ...)
  • Your gaze wanders back and forth between your eyes and your mouth (so-called triangular gaze)
  • She wears tight, body-hugging clothing and shows a sexy cleavage
  • In general, she tries to make herself beautiful for you and uses make-up more than usual
  • She grabs your hands / wants to hold hands
  • She gives you a few hits in a playful way (e.g. light boxing on the shoulder)
  • She kisses you on the cheek

These are all signals that you can spot on a date. Pay attention the next time you meet her! But how do you know if she loves you if you don't happen to be sitting across from each other? There are other symbols for this:

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1. She keeps contacting you (Facebook, WhatsApp etc.)

Whether a call on the cell phone, via Facebook or WhatsApp: If she often takes the initiative and contacts you by phone or writes messages, that's a good sign. It shows that she thinks of you, longs for you and wants to know how you are. With her interest, she is probably also hoping to meet secretly - so arrange a date with her instead of just writing or talking on the phone with her for days!

2. She is jealous of other women

Jealousy is a pretty good test of whether she loves you or doesn't care about you. Because if she is really in love with you, she will be jealous when you talk to other ladies (or even meet them). She doesn't have to experience it first hand and live. The next time you meet her, just casually tell her that you did something with a good friend yesterday ... and watch how she reacts!

3. She asks a lot of questions and wants to know more about you

As soon as we are interested in another person as a partner, we become curious and would like to know everything about them. This is especially true for women: when they are in love, they get really curious and ask you holes in your stomach. A little tip: turn it into a game by not answering every question immediately, but by jokingly avoiding it.

For example:
Your question: "How old are you actually?"
Your answer: "Do the years in jail count?"

4. You are an important topic of conversation for them

This has happened to me many times: I know a girl who has never shown particular interest in me before. Suddenly I found out from three corners of the circle of friends that she was talking about me here and there. This is not malicious gossip or gossip. It just shows that you seem to be an important topic of conversation for her and that she is busy with your life. Why else should she talk about you so much?

5. She reliably keeps agreements

Many men are tired of these games: Date cancellations come out of the blue, she doesn't write back and has a thousand excuses. A woman who really loves you will move heaven and earth to see you again and to be near you. But if she doesn't answer for days or keeps canceling meetings, she may not care about you. It's best to end the contact quickly to save yourself heartache.

6. She tests you with mean trick questions

When flirting and dating you can be prepared for the fact that interested women will subject you to a small test more often. What do I mean by that? With this "love inspection", the girls want to find out whether you are really a strong man and have the qualities that they want from a partner. Who buys the proverbial pig in a poke? That's why they'll ask you trick questions and other psychological traps to put you to the test. For example:

  • "I met Max yesterday, really a nice guy" (means: she wants to test whether you react jealously of other men)
  • "Please go to the waiter and ask him for salt and pepper" (means: she checks whether you are perhaps too nice and do her every favor)
  • "Why are you always late?" (she blames you for seeing how you react to stress)
  • "How do you like that chick back there in that dress?" (means: she wants to know whether you have the courage to openly admit your sexual needs)
  • And much more

Warning: A test like this is always a good signal that you are interested in you - believe it or not. Now you just have to have a few quick-witted answers ready ...

7. She wants to see you alone - like on a date

It has often happened to me that my buddy friends only wanted to meet other friends - it shouldn't look like a date. But if she wants to do something with you alone, that's a crystal clear sign that she sees you as a potential partner. She is out on a date and wants to enjoy the time undisturbed with you so that you can get closer.

8. She's doing you favors more often

We would like to put the world at our feet for the people we love. This is not only the case with men, but vice versa also with girls. You can also tell whether she loves you by her willingness to make sacrifices and small gifts: For example, she cooks a meal for you, gives you gifts or invites you to the cinema? Then the chances are not bad at all.

9. She takes time for common hobbies

Uninterested women like to come up with excuses to turn down dates. But if she does a lot with you despite little free time and has fun in joint activities, this is a clear sign that she likes you. It is important for the Lays to be able to experience exciting adventures with the man and to surf on the same wavelength as him. Otherwise, why should she sacrifice her precious time for you?

10. She confides in you her secrets

Do you have to say a lot about that? Trust is essential if we want to get closer to another person. If she reveals very personal things to you that no one else learns from her environment, that's almost the jackpot. That shows exactly that you are very close and that she trusts that your secrets are in good hands with her.

11. She speaks of a common future

No, I don't mean requests like “Marry me!” Or “I want your child!” As I said, women are not that straightforward. But I've often seen girls make little hints - reading between the lines is essential! A good friend, for example, once said to me: "Imagine if we would live together in a semi-detached house, like real philistines!" Warning: There can be more behind such statements ...

Finally: does she really love me or is it just friendship?

Caution: Especially in today's times of female emancipation, you can never really be sure whether the girls are in love or are really just looking for a good friendship. You have probably already noticed that: Many women like to surround themselves with men, are nice to them - and in the end you are just a good buddy. The danger of misinterpreting your behavior is great, especially when you are in love with rose-colored glasses.

But don't worry! I can tell you one thing with certainty: The more of the above flirtation signals you recognize, the more certain it is that she actually loves you. Also, don't just watch and wait for their signs of infatuation to find answers. You have to actively flirt with her so that you lure her a little bit out of reserve and provoke a clear reaction. For example:

  • Arrange a date! Does she accept and come to the meeting on time? Or does she hesitate and make excuses?
  • Touch her! Does she give in to these touches or does she withdraw?
  • Give her unequivocal compliments! Does she smile and feel flattered, or is that uncomfortable?

Based on her reactions, you can test for sure and see whether she loves you. Try it! I wish you every success in your search for love.

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