Policemen can have mohawks

At least six Berlin police officers are said to work with clans

22.02.2019 – 06:59

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Berlin (ots)

According to the federal spokesman of the Federal Working Group of Critical Police Officers, Thomas Wüppesahl, some police officers in Berlin are supposed to have contact with members of Arab family clans and provide them with information. "According to our findings, we assume that at least six colleagues, if not more than ten, have and maintain these lines of information in the milieu of the Arab clans," said Wüppesahl on Thursday evening in the rbb evening show.

There are information lines for members of Arab clans, said Wüppesahl. Family relationships are "more important than those of the constitutional state." However, this also applies to many "organic Germans", according to Wüppesahl. However, the federal spokesman for the critical police officers noted that the police officers in question did not always get the information that was important to them immediately. "After all, not every search or raid or arrest is exposed beforehand."

Overall, Wüppesahl rates the Berlin police as very critical. He worked as a police officer himself for 30 years. "The condition of the Berlin police requires a general renovation," said Wüppesahl. This is also due to the training and the selection of personnel. There the requirements would have been massively scaled down. "Many of those who are being trained as police officers now would not have been accepted 20 or 30 years ago." Citizens would notice this firsthand.

Around 2,500 young police officers are trained at the police academy. Since autumn 2017, however, various problems have become known: too few teachers, too many lessons canceled, too little discipline and, in some cases, poor German language skills among some students. Most recently, a police trainee drove drunk and without a driver's license in an uninsured car through Berlin.

On Wednesday, police chief Barbara Slowik and Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) presented the first points of a large-scale restructuring of the Berlin police. Among other things, a state police department is to be reintroduced below the police force. In addition, a so-called focus unit should be visible at locations that are particularly prone to crime. The presence could thus be tripled, announced Slowik. The senator also emphasized that the new force should bring more security to the citizens.

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