How common is theft at Walmart

After brawl: US retailers suspend Pokémon card sales

US retail chains Walmart and Target have suspended sales of Pokémon and other trading cards in their stores after a dramatic increase in demand led to violent clashes and theft.

As "Bleeding Cool" reports, a sign discovered in New York indicates that Target will no longer sell Pokemon, NFL, NBA and MLB trading cards from May 14, "to ensure the safety of our guests and team members ". The renewed interest in such trading cards has led to an increase in so-called "scalpers" and inappropriate behavior in stores.

Hype escalates

As "IGN" reports, the boom increasingly degenerated into violence and crime. Just last week there was a fight in a parking lot of a Target branch in Wisconsin, which escalated because of the trading cards. One man even pulled a gun, but it didn't fire. Sports trading cards valued at $ 20,000 were stolen last month from a card store in Brunswick, Maine.

The escalations have now forced sellers to take precautionary measures. In a statement from Target it says: "The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority." For this reason, the sale of trading cards has been suspended. Customers can still order them in the Target online shop.

A branch of the US retail chain Walmart has also reportedly taken similar steps and removed all trading cards from its range. As users shared on Facebook, the business justified the decision with "inappropriate customer behavior and increased demand."

Streamer and Youtuber responsible for hype

Trading cards have seen a massive boom in the past year due to social media. On Twitch and Youtube there was a veritable flood of videos in which Internet stars like Logan Paul opened Pokémon card boxes in the live stream. Due to the new hype, rare cards are often auctioned for record sums.

(hsu, May 15, 2021)