What is geopathic stress

Researching water veins: Scientists prove negative influence

Vienna - The negative effects of "water veins" and Co. want to have proven Viennese and Salzburg researchers. The so-called geopathic disorders would put the body under stress, reported the board of directors of the Research Institute for Basic and Borderline Issues in Medicine and Biotechnology at St. Johanns-Spital Salzburg, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hacker, at a press conference on Tuesday.

In the previous year, studies were presented in Salzburg in which stressful influences could be displayed using the so-called heart rate variability. A new study with a statistical significance of over 99.99 percent has now been carried out using refined methods.

Two measuring locations in a laboratory at St. Johanns Hospital were measured by six professional radiesthetes: Using different types of dowsing rods, a "geopathic disturbance zone" and a "more neutral zone" were marked. The test persons were then alternately positioned on the two points and measured using a special method. 52 subjects were examined.

Energy drops in the cardiovascular system

Clear indications were found that the fault zone had a negative impact on the immune system and the pineal organ, according to the researchers. Energy drops in the cardiovascular system were also detectable.

The proven differences allow the scientists to conclude that there were different influences on people at the "geopathic disturbance zone" and the "more neutral zone", which, especially in the case of the disturbance zone, caused a geopathic stress phenomenon. This leads "very likely to individually different loads on the immune system and some other organ systems". (APA)