Can play a PS4 slim surround sound

Audio output settings

Primary output port

Your PS4 ™ system will automatically select the optimal audio format for the connected devices. Typically, these settings do not need to be adjusted.
When you connect a device, such as a home theater AV amplifier, to the system's DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) port, you can choose the audio formats that the connected device supports. Choose (Settings)> [Sound and Screen]> [Audio Output Settings]> [Primary Output Port]> [DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL)] to customize the audio formats.
This setting is only available on some PS4 ™ systems.


Note that the speakers can be damaged if the selected output format of your PS4 ™ system is not supported by the connected device.

Audio format (priority)

You can set the audio output format that the system should prefer to use, except in situations where it is not supported. Vote for it (Settings)> [Sound and Screen]> [Audio Output Settings]> [Audio Format (Priority)]. The default setting is [Linear PCM].

HDMI audio output

If your device supports 7.1ch audio output, you can select the audio output type.
This setting is only available on some PS4 ™ systems.