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  • The residual waste bins are from
    commissioned waste disposal company in action
    of the chip system emptied.
  • You have to be on the day of collection from 7:00 a.m.
    be made available for emptying at the roadside.
  • Waste placed next to the residual waste container, with the exception of
    Residual waste in approved rubbish bags will be from
    Waste disposal company not taken.

Information on the collection and illegal disposal of residual waste

  • Emptying the residual waste container may only by the waste disposal company commissioned by the district. Any other type of disposal of residual waste is prohibited and can be legally prosecuted.
    • This also includes self-delivery to the collection points
      and especially the wild tilting in nature.

  • It is also prohibited to deposit residual waste at the locations of yellow, glass or paper containers.
    • This is illegal waste disposal, which can be punished as an administrative offense in accordance with Section 32 of the Waste Disposal Statute. The district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin reserves the right to carry out checks on the waste containers. Residual waste bins that have not been filled or mostly not filled with residual waste are not emptied.
    • You can find out which types of waste are to be disposed of as residual waste in the ABC of waste.

Instructions for handling the residual waste container

According to ยง 24 of the waste disposal statute is it not allowed ...  

To crush or sludge waste in the residual waste containers,

to pour glowing or hot ash into the residual waste container,

pressing bulky objects into the residual waste container and

Incinerate waste in the residual waste bins.

Please also note that you ...

  • Fill the residual waste container only enough so that the lid can be closed easily.
  • Throw in rubbish only in standard garbage bags,
    so that emptying can be carried out without problems even in frosty conditions

Liability, Damage and Loss

  • The user is liable for damage caused by improper handling or use of the residual waste container.
    If residual waste containers have been destroyed or lost, the waste management department must be informed immediately.
  • The theft of a (residual) waste container must also be reported to the police.