How much was Kinvey sold for


High productivity when developing with Kinvey

Kinvey supports business innovation with digital processes, data science and developer tools (DevOps). With the help of modern, cloud-based platforms, it is easier to keep up with the rapid development of digital business. And all this without a large number of specialized programmers. With Kinvey, digital products and services can be implemented according to the company without major programming effort. The serverless cloud solution supports business processes, increases productivity and delivers content to mobile devices, web applications, chats, web apps and apps.

Why Progress Kinvey?

Kinvey offers new serverless applications from the cloud platform to deliver corporate content in multichannel applications uniformly and consistently. This means that cross-channel user and customer experiences can be created. High-class applications and cross-applications are implemented with Kinvey (web to native app, iOS and Android, PWAs and chat).


Open source and standardized
The open source developer frameworks from Progress are popular and enable continuous innovation and integration, inexpensive and very flexible.


The company-wide importance
Multichannel applications not only affect a company's website, but all applications with which interested parties, suppliers and customers interact with the company.