Why am I always weary

Unmotivated and sluggish? Here is your solution.

"You don’t have to be productive during the coronavirus."
"You don’t have to make the most out of the Pandemic."

These and similar slogans, mottos and inspirational quotes are flooding the internet right now:
"You don't have to be productive during the Corona period."
It's okay to feel paralyzed, sluggish, and unmotivated - after all, that would be a sign of empathy for others during this challenging time.
In addition, people deal with stressful situations differently, and if someone is losing interest in everything at the moment, then that's their right.
You could finally find yourself without having to prove what a great pike you are through your actions and goals.

So far, so Zen-like.
Now let's calm down and find out what is really important.

I can understand all of it, and yet: my point of view is different.
It is full of creative urge, a love of learning and life, verve, temperament, inventiveness and curiosity for everything new.
The inevitable result is efficiency because that energy just has to go somewhere.

There is a world without pressure to perform - and yet with an enormous amount of effectiveness.
A world in which you don't have to prove your self-worth through your achievements - and still be very productive.
A world in which hard work does not mean hardship, but the expression of pure joy of life.

This is my world.
And if you want, I'll take you there today.


Countless people derive their self-worth from their achievements: They achieved this and got that off the ground.
Success not only gives them money, but often enough recognition and influence - the last two at least on social media.

Don't let ‘dazzle you:
The visible productivity and success say absolutely nothing about a person's degree of fulfillment, at most something about their degree of self-discipline and diligence, which often lead to severity and severity - and in a condemnation of everyone who does not perform the same level of achievement.

Just because there are stressed or arrogant success and productivity junkies who push themselves and others to the limit, cannot help it.
The lie doesn't change the truth.

Being productive is very fulfilling.
We are made to create great things - and not to make ends meet.
Everyone wants to discover new things in the core of their hearts, to learn, try out, create and finish.
The inner satisfaction that comes when you have achieved something is deeply satisfying and making you happy.
Diligence decoupled from coercion and pressure is fun - because if you don't get a lot done, you don't get a lot done.

Nothing exciting, innovative or meaningful has ever been created by sitting on the sofa.
Lethargy and passivity are not and never will be sources of inspiration.

No matter how big a “Dream Big” wall tattoo you can have in your living room, you can follow so many motivational accounts, and attend so many seminars: nothing happens when you dream big and talk alone.
You have to move your butt off the sofa.

You can also stay on the sofa and spend your life watching pointless series, wondering about problems in the world, worrying about the future and complaining that everything is going down the drain while you are critical of others eye (if you don't do anything, you don't do anything wrong).
But you could also invest your time in watching videos to learn a new skill (there is now a dime a dozen for free), to tackle something that has been left behind for a long time and to give your life a new direction.
I am sure that one or the other will actually solve problems in the world because they come up with groundbreaking ideas and are not worried about the future because they actively help shape them.

Then a momentum of its own begins that you cannot stop:
You start with something small and discover unimagined new possibilities, new paths open up, new people meet, new projects arise - by the way, this has been my life for years.

I am convinced:
You have infinite undiscovered potential.
You have absolutely no idea how many skills, ideas, talents and skills you have in you.
You constantly underestimate yourself.

Who says you can only shine in one area?
Who says you can't go back to college at the age of 50?
Who says that you can't discover a new language, a new sport, a new line of work for yourself?
Who says you can't draw well, dance well, and do tax returns well while speaking 3 languages ​​fluently?

Did you know Edison filed 1093 patents?
Not ideas. Not drafts. Not sketches. Not hobbies.
P A T E N T E.
What the hell ...?

This man not only invented the light bulb (which, by the way, was an extremely time-consuming and laborious process) and laid the foundation for the batteries used in electric cars today - he registered 1,093 finished, worked out, working concepts.

And you can only do one to three skills well?
Do you seriously believe that
And you can only work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.?
And you watch Netflix because you are over 40, have you already learned everything and know everything that is important?
And enjoy every permission not to have to be productive ("after all, it's a challenging time for all of us right now."), And waste your gifts and abilities, your lifetime and thus your person - which would actually be so important for this human race ?

But Joanna, that was Edison! Most people don't even get a patent, and that's okay.

Since when do we orientate ourselves towards mediocrity?
It is a free country and everyone can hang out for as long and as much as they want - but I am responsible for those who want more in life.

I know deeply that among my readers there are characters who were born to do great things.
You feel it when I write about it.
But then everything turned out differently, and some circumstances, and now Corona, and bang! You have come to terms with everyday life in an average life ("The main thing is, no stress, we stay healthy and make ends meet.")

(Important: I am certainly not a motivational speaker who cheers you on to fall for any money-making machinery - please, don't do that! All offers for a dream life and quick profit, which are based on any multilevel marketing, are for me pure human exploitation and in the end deception).
I'm not talking about money at all.

I stand in front of you and just ask you:
Do you think that there is more to you than what you can currently do?
Do you think that you could still increase your creativity, solutions, skills, ideas, projects, professional paths?

I assure you:
There is about ten times the potential in you.
(I am understating on purpose).

You just can't imagine it at all because worry paralyzes you, makes distraction unproductive, and a complicated relationship robs you of the rest of the energy you need to see this.
I know that each of us is in a different situation and that many circumstances cannot be changed overnight - and that's not bad at all.

But what can change today: your perspective.
I really want to take away that shitty (sorry for the expletive) lethargy that won't let you do anything great.
I am the one who rekindles the fire, gives you the joy of learning and living again, and above all gives you a healthy view of what is possible for you.
And you can do TEN TIMES what you believe.

I said to my children:
“We are all born to be a masterpiece.
We are so gifted, so beautiful, so talented, so full to the brim with love - we have a responsibility to people.
Each of us has a duty to live the most beautiful life and to discover and live out everything that is in his person.
I want each of us to give himself away, to make others happy, to help others, to create solutions to problems, and to bring beauty, greatness and excellence into this world with all this.
We don't settle for less. "

Of course, you have the right to be sad, insecure, unmotivated or passive about Corona.
OR BUT: You waive this right, decide against hanging out, and use the newly gained time to do something useful.

Any excuse not to change anything can be welcomed - the comfort zone is a safe place.
Not a particularly nice place, but at least safe.
OR BUT: You resist every pretext ("I am sensitive / I have grandparents who I worry about / I don't have enough money / Corona measures are not necessary, it's all a world conspiracy, etc.), and do it, what is possible right now.
And a lot is possible right now.
Just doing it - you have to do that.

Whether you have the best and most creative time with your children and invest yourself properly in them, learn a new skill, or start exercising - it's not about the spectacular, it's about doing.

So if you ask me for my advice:
You should definitely get the best out of the Corona period.
You should use them as effectively, cleverly and enjoyably as possible (and we may only have 7 days left;)).
For one reason:
Because you should get the best out of your life.

Finally, I'll tell you how I say it to my own children:
We are all born to be masterpieces.
We are so gifted, so beautiful, so talented, so full to the brim with love - we have a responsibility to people.
Each of us has a duty to live the most beautiful life and to discover and live out everything that is in his person.
I want each of us to give himself away, to make others happy, to help others, to create solutions to problems and, with all this, to bring beauty, greatness and excellence into this world.
We don't settle for less.

Love greetings

P.S. Before there are misunderstandings:
If you are currently in a situation that pushes you to your limits (small children at home + full-time job + stress with partner + whatever), then for heaven's sake this text shouldn't put you under pressure.
I know you got it right.

Some of you actually feel a little bit under pressure from the lyrics and you hate me very much.
I accept that.
A little pressure is fine for you - otherwise you will watch another season while you are perhaps the person who could solve the water problem in this world. What a mess.