What keeps Batman going

Kohlwes, Batman and Robin

You know that it is coming and yet you flinch: the conscious fright. This is what happened again this year to many starters at the Verden City Run, which celebrated its 21st edition on Friday. The loud starting gun sounded and after the brief shock, the many hundreds of legs moved to cope with the various lengths of the route from Lugenstein to Lugenstein.

The fastest over the longest distance - ten kilometers over three laps - was, as expected, Sebastian Kohlwes. The man from Bremen, who starts for the LC Hansa Stuhr, mastered the run in 31:59 minutes. One might think one victory for many, as Kohlwes regularly leaves his competition behind in the races in the region. “But it's always fun,” he assures, and he also had a special incentive in Verden. “I ran here for the first time a few years ago and had to get out because I was dehydrated. So I still had a little bill to be done with this run. In addition, the route is measured, should be very fast and I had three other fast runners with Abiel Hailu, Fisha Werede and Filimon Gezae. ”The idea was: run together for a long time and lay down a fast time. However, that only succeeded one lap, then Kohlwes' pursuers had to tear down. For Abiel Hailu from Oyten, the end had already come after four kilometers. “I was busy all day, took a language course and just ate too little. Then at some point nothing worked ”, justified the athlete from the LG District Verden. Gezae (LG Bremen-Nord) and Werede (LGKV) continued to pursue Kohlwes, but only from a distance. They finished third and fourth. Second place went to Renning Elischer from TuS Neukölln Berlin. He, too, had a good gap to the winner with 33:41 minutes. He was relatively satisfied with his time, as he had to run alone for a long time. But he also knows that it can be done faster, as his top time over ten kilometers is 31:14 minutes.

Incognito in the main run

The youngest ten-kilometer runner crossed the finish line after 45:25 minutes. It was Robin, alias Georg Wiemann. He was followed by Batman, alias father Ulrich Krempel, whom he left behind in the final sprint. The two Münster residents were visiting Verden and put on masks of the comic heroes for the final round. Why? "We searched for our true identity for a long time and have now found it," said Krempel with a laugh. Incognito, both of them contested the ten-kilometer run, and they had previously mastered the five-kilometer everyone-visible run - “to warm up” (Krempel).

In this Raoul Johannes Dygas (LG Kreis Verden) won in 17:58 minutes. But times were of secondary importance to most. Arriving and having fun was the main goal. And they were all cheered on by the audience, right down to the last runner over the ten kilometers.