How can I start basketball training?

Basketball training for 6-7 year olds

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    Teaching the correct shooting form to young basketball players can be challenging. Most youth basketball players want to shoot as soon as they get the ball, lift the ball towards the basket, and hope it gets inside. Teaching the correct shooting form takes patience as many players get frustrated if they don't work right away. Teach the children to shoot the ball with one hand and to guide it with the other hand. Many children will have problems with this at first because it takes more strength than they are used to. If you teach them to shoot with the right form, they can develop their muscles faster.


    Most players between the ages of 6 and 7 throw the basketball instead of passing it with proper form. Strength becomes an issue again. It is difficult for a player to throw a chest pass properly or to cover long distances. Start exercising to throw short passes first. It doesn't take nearly enough force for them to practice their form. Increase the overtaking distances as their shape becomes more efficient. Some players don't develop as quickly as others. Allow players who are progressing faster to increase their distance as they practice. Pair players according to difficulty level during the exercises. Younger players won't get much benefit from practicing with someone overwhelmingly better.


    Teaching dribbling is perhaps the toughest challenge you face as a youth basketball coach. Many players will be able to dribble well with their strong hand, but almost all will struggle with their weak hand. Let the children dribble as much as possible with their weak hand. You will struggle and get frustrated, but eventually you will improve. Teach them to dribble with their eyes forward and upward, and let them dribble up and down the floor as they walk. Dribbling while stationary helps, but not as much if practicing dribbling while moving.


    While players will understand how to stay in front of the person they are guarding when that person has the ball, off-ball defense is difficult to teach. Teach them to get out of a small room and play the alleys that go by. A good rule of thumb is to be close to the assigned player when they have a round. Defending the weak side will be a struggle. Choose the complexity of your exercises, how well the majority of your players understand the concept. Teach all players to bend their knees and shuffle their feet as you watch.


    Younger players sometimes forget that they are playing on the pitch with four other players. Six- and seven-year-olds get the ball and immediately dribble into a corner or towards the basket. If you teach them ground clearance and ball movement, they will become good team players over time.

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