Why is Obama either loved or hated

Was obama a good president?

There are three parties in this country. Each party can rule for at least 16 years, but suspend the election once and thus rule for 32 years. With each election, the party elects a party leader who is then also president. Only this party that was elected by the people is allowed to rule, the other two parties are in fact inactive. With the election of the president, new chairmen have to be determined for all federal offices; this task belongs to the new president. E.g. the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education, etc. The President is the supreme head of the party, federal offices, parliament, etc. Besides the Security Council. It is subject to the constitution, but can change it with the approval of the Security Council. The President can pass new laws without further ado. The state parliaments and regional councils must also strictly adhere to it. He is also supreme over the judiciary and defense. The Security Council consists of members of the 2 inactive parties and neutral persons, e.g. J diplomats. You are responsible for ensuring that the president complies with the law; in the worst case scenario, you can also initiate an initiation procedure against the president. You will act according to the constitution. But they can be controlled by the protection of the constitution, which at the same time, is subordinate to the president. Whether the Security Council is working against the President and whether he is acting correctly. According to the constitution, the president has sole freedom of choice when he rules according to the constitution and party members can only support him.
The Executive: The National Police are subordinate to the Executive, which is subordinate to the President. First and foremost, everyone acts according to the rules of the President; the Security Council is responsible for errors.

The judiciary: the court is subordinate to the president. He is the chief judge. He can even decide on the punishment. It may be that a criminal is charged with a fine of 100,000 by the judge, but the president prefers to give the accused the death penalty. However, if this death penalty is void, according to the Security Council, the sentence can be suspended. However, the president can issue new guidelines, and if the Constitution allows it, he can make it more possible for that person to receive the death penalty.

All parties are paid from the taxpayers' money, especially because many party members are inactive for long periods of time. The problem, the president can alone decide how high the salaries of the party members are. Generally about any person in a broader sense. That is why it is very important to examine this person carefully when choosing, as many can stand for election.
However, there are exceptions, e.g. in the health system there are fixed regulations that are not so easy to change in order to guarantee good health care.