How much Swedes don't like American culture

Art and cultural policy

Werner Heinrichs

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Dr. phil., born 1947; 1990 professor for cultural studies and cultural management as well as head of the institute for cultural management at the Pedagogical University of Ludwigsburg (currently on leave); since 2002 rector of the State University for Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart.

Publications among others: cultural policy and cultural financing, Munich 1997; Cultural management. A practice-oriented introduction, Darmstadt 19992; Municipal cultural management, Baden-Baden 1999; (together with Armin Klein) Kulturmanagement von A-Z, Munich 20002.

It can be useful to take a look at other countries and their systems of cultural promotion - provided that the value traditions and state framework conditions do not differ significantly. This is shown using the example of Sweden and the Netherlands.


Terms, categories and concepts of cultural policy and cultural funding are used very differently from country to country. Only in the rarest of cases is current cultural policy action the cause of the differences mentioned. As a rule, these can be traced back either to different types of cultural traditions and values ​​or to diverging, non-cultural state framework conditions, which have a corresponding effect on the cultural sector and the promotion of culture. But that means that a comparative international view can never be judgmental. In any case, the mentioned value traditions and non-cultural framework conditions could only be changed over a very long period of time, which is why any objective derived from the evaluation would make little sense.