Mad Eye Moody was cruel

How did Umbridge get Moody's Eye?

If Dolores Umbridge wasn't a Death Eater or was closely associated with the Death Eaters, how did she get Mad-Eye Moody's magical eye, which she so tastefully mounted on her office door at the Ministry? At the time Harry was in Deathly Hallows Discovering Moody's eye while searching Umbridge's office, the Death Eaters run the ministry. Umbridge was obviously not afraid of any effects from the Death Eaters because they kept Moody's eye on their door for the entire Ministry and its staff to see on a daily basis.

Mad-Eye Moody was born in during the Battle of the Seven Potters Deathly Hallows killed and his body fell in an unknown place somewhere in rural England. The Order wasn't going to return for Moody's body because they didn't know where it was, and besides, it was too dangerous for the Order to go on a body restoration mission if their Death Eaters could be loitering.

Against this background: How did Umbridge come to have Moody's Eye?How did the Death Eaters know to keep an eye on Umbridge? If we from Canon know what we are doing with Umbridge, we can conclude that they may be involved in the planning was involved in the Battle of the Seven Potters? Or is there some other explanation as to why the Death Eaters were forced to give Umbridge the eye? It's pretty cruel, but she could have shown a direct interest in it, Moody's eye in front owning his death, as in "By the way, if you come across Mad-Eye Moody's magical eye, bring it to me at once." It's so morbid - I'm interested in information beyond "A Death Eater gave it to her". I think a lot is already clear. Has JK Rowling ever dealt with Dolores Umbridge and Moody's Eye? Speculative answers based on popular Canon or JKR quotes are perfectly fine.


I would guess it was restored by the Department of Defense and kept as a "valuable magical artifact" (whatever status Umbridge poached it from), but I don't have a Canon backup.

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Another proof that Umbridge is dirtier than a sock on a toddler's foot! I have to admit, I had a similar question on my mind, but you certainly asked it a lot more eloquently than I could have :-D

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Actually sought the medal for Moody's corpse, but to no avail.


Not entirely canon, but she did claim to be related to the Selwyn family, and if that was indeed true, she was related to a Death Eater who was Selwyn - who was in the Battle of the Seven Potters (Voldemort took his wand). That's a plausible way for her to at least find out something about Moody's death and possibly get through the eye.


It seems possible that not all Death Eaters are still rolling in pure blood gold, much like the Gaunt family, and it is possible that one of the Death Eaters could get it back and pawn it.


Umbridge had had contact with Mundungus in the past when she bought Voldemort's locket. Well, Mundungus was with Moody when he died. So maybe he took it and tried to mortgage it in Diagon Alley, where Umbridge ran into him again and confiscated it ?!


Plausible. Is there anything else that supports this?


Mundungus was already gone.