How much does it cost to paint a car

Painting your car - you have to reckon with these costs

When you first look at a car, the paintwork is particularly noticeable. From the color to the even coating - the car paint decides whether a vehicle is appealing or not. In addition, the paintwork can also play a crucial role when buying or selling. Here you can find out what you should know about painting cars in the workshop, the associated costs and alternatives.

Painting a car: interesting facts about the paint layer

Car paint consists of different layers that also fulfill different functions. In the workshop or paint shop, a primer is first applied to the pre-treated body. This is followed by a layer of filler that smooths out any unevenness. If there are already minor damage or dents, these can be filled with filler. The vehicle is then covered with a layer of basecoat. At the Paint car A particularly careful application is required at this point, as the basecoat is very sensitive and damage or unevenness will show up immediately.

A quality car paint protects your vehicle, looks good and increases its value. (Source: Hoda Bogdan /


Resistant clear coat protects the body

The top layer of varnish on every car consists of clear varnish. This has to withstand the most and should therefore be very robust and resistant. Everyday influences are: the climate, precipitation and UV radiation, mechanical effects such as falling rocks and effects such as pollen or bird droppings. By the way: The color of the paint and any effects, as the name suggests, have nothing to do with the clearcoat, but are decided with the basecoat.

Painting a car: that costs the measure at a paint shop

A Car painting is a large company that requires an accurate and professional way of working. It is therefore advisable to have the painting done by specialists. Which Cost This depends primarily on whether you only want individual parts or the entire vehicle to be repainted. If a complete small car is to be given a new paint job, it costs between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. A limousine costs around 3,000 to 5,000 euros. For individual vehicle parts such as the bonnet, a maximum price of around 500 euros should be due.

Inexpensive alternatives and how to paint your own car

You can repair smaller scratches in the car paint yourself with a suitable touch-up pen, thus keeping costs low. However, this variant is actually only suitable for the smallest damage. If damage is limited to individual components, foiling is a good alternative to car painting. Here you should pay attention to a high-quality film as well as the exact application so that a homogeneous overall appearance is created and no unsightly unevenness forms. You can also have foiling carried out in your trusted car workshop.

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