Well worth La Mer

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    Is it worth investing in la Mer?

    I wonder, like every winter, whether I should get the expensive la Mer cream. My skin is dry from the heating air. The makeup doesn't look good. The ingredients are not supposed to be the best ... Still, the appeal is there. Who is currently using them?


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    I don't use La Mer Creme - beforehand. But I once had a luxury sample that was about the size of a potty of eye cream and I had the opportunity to extensively test the original product. It was nothing to me because it was too rich for me. But maybe I should say that I don't quite understand the hype about it. It reminded me a lot of Nivea Creme - including the originals

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    I don't use the cream but the skin oil and love it. Put a few drops in my skin cream in the evening, so the small bottle will last a long time. But it is somehow a form of personal luxury, there are enough other oils that are definitely not worse (I also love the Lipid d'Or from Highdroxy). I also have the micellar water from La Mer, the smell is great, but since I now prefer other products, it is used up and not bought again.

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    I have used La Mer for many years and would like to continue to do so, but I have been prone to recurring inflammatory rashes for immunosuppressive therapy and I have the impression that La Mer favors that because it is so rich.

    I might try the gel cream again.

    Before I got those stupid pustules, I was very fond of La Mer, it gave me really nice skin. The serums are overpriced, there is better. As a moisture booster, I find The Treatment Lotion unbeatable and it has a great price / performance ratio.
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    I use the gel cream in summer. I also have the normal one (small sizes), but only use it when it gets really cold. Then she is great. It is certainly overpriced.

    See you get a sample. It's too expensive to buy untested. You either love them or you hate them.