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"Hello and welcome to the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020 Preshow", this is how the visitors to the opening of the Gamescom welcomed. Unlike the last few years, not on the exhibition grounds in Cologne, but at home in front of their computers.

Because like many other events in 2020, the Gamescom not be realized as a face-to-face event. So instead of crowding through the exhibition halls with around 300,000 visitors and trying out the latest games, you sat in front of your own device and listened to what the developers had to present this year.

In the field of AAA titles, only a few new releases were presented to viewers this year. In return, the developers came up with a large number of sequels to well-known series of games.

So it became the first next-gen console title for the upcoming one Playstation 5 With Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart announced and shown the first glimpses of the game itself. The series of games under the publisher Sony Computer Entertainment has been a selling point for the in-house game console since the first title in 2002 Playstation. The classic 'jump and run' adventure is not limited to one world this time. Players now fight their way through a varied environment and use portals for the first time to break the rules of time and space in their favor.

Also Activision Blizzard made by announcing the latest expansion for the Gamescom MMORPG World of Warcraft It is clear that this game genre has been able to inspire millions of fans for 16 years. For the coming expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands the release date was announced, which players have been waiting for months. On October 27, 2020, all players will be able to venture into the realm of death.

From the legendary game manufacturer Gearbox softwarewhat titles like Half-life, the BorderlandsRow or also Duke Nukem developed, there was an insight into the newly announced title Godfall, which at the end of 2020 for Windows PCs and Playstation 5 will appear. Godfall is an 'action role-playing game' in a fantasy setting. The players fight their opponents with a dynamic combat system in order to save the world from ruin.

In addition, numerous games have been announced that are actively geared towards virtual reality. For the first time, sequels of well-known game series can be found, such as the Flight simulator of Microsoft, in which the players slip into the role of pilots in order to control all conceivable types of flying objects under realistic conditions. What is new is that all control elements are no longer available to gamers just by pressing a button, but are now also visually available.

Another virtual reality title was featured Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond announced, in which players take on the role of soldiers in World War II. Due to the active focus on virtual reality, the scenarios shown are even more dramatic and realistic than one would expect from the veteran of the shooter genre (first appearance: Medal of Honor 1999) is used anyway.

Instead of an exploration tour through the halls, during which visitors can choose exactly what they want to see, this time they were guided through the program by a friendly and funny crew of moderators. The result was less of the character of a city trip to a game city than that of a round tour through it.

This had many advantages. The sheer mass of stalls on the Gamescom almost always leads to things being overlooked and not properly appreciated. In addition, the walking routes through the approximately 200,000 square meter halls are correspondingly long, and you 'lose' a lot of time squeezing your way through the crowds from one hall to the next.

However, this type of event loses the charm of self-discovery. Although the big announcements were repeated so often that it was almost impossible to miss them, especially in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčindie games, only a part of the scene was shown. In addition, all games could only be presented on the basis of trailers or short excerpts from the game; 'pre-testing' was completely omitted.

In addition, the live streams often had connection problems, which made it difficult to follow the program. The organizers' internet connection was not designed for the masses of spectators (for example approx. 2 million viewers for the opening show 'Opening Night Live'; source: gamescom.de), which repeatedly led to technical problems. The concept of live streams was not limited to one channel. In addition to the main channel, there were also themed channels, for example for cosplay or retro games.

Overall, however, not only the latest games and extensions were announced. As in previous years, there were discussions with the respective developers about their games, from development to backgrounds and stories about how they were created. These were accompanied by talks on a wide variety of topics from the gaming area, such as the talk about 'toxic gaming', which was conducted with a cyber criminologist in addition to a streamer who has direct contact with a young target group the Gamescom- Unusual visit this year, but although there was no direct contact with other visitors, there was no lack of interaction thanks to the active live stream chat. The problems that arose as a result of the switch to a digital concept were superfluous within the Gamescom largely again.