What is the power of advertising

After that, Sebastian Turner with his request Jump! opened the dance, now Holger Jung and Jean-Remy von Matt follow with a book about advertising. It seems to have become fashionable: Germany's stars of the advertising scene put themselves in the limelight - and of course their agencies as well. Whether you want to or not, these books are more than just marketing books.

In the case of Jung and Matt, this has succeeded admirably. It is not for nothing that the Hamburg-based Holger Jung and his Brussels-born partner Jean-Remy von Matt are among the greats in their industry. How they achieved this status, they demonstrate in their book.

The reader is guided through the various advertising campaigns of the Jung von Matt agency and learns what is behind them. One or the other aha experience makes up for the book's shallow depth. You shouldn't expect a marketing textbook, but no one promised either. Because the authors do not give instructions for using good advertising.

For them, effective advertising has more to do with gut instinct than handicraft, and it quickly explains how advertising works for Jung and von Matt: The only thing that decides whether it is successful or unsuccessful is the extent to which momentum is generated. Only when advertising "creates a lasting experience in the blink of an eye" does it have momentum. The aim is to convince and inspire the customer within the average viewing time of an advertisement - a total of 1.7 seconds.

How they generated momentum - or not - the authors explain using a variety of campaigns: from Mini Cooper to Sixt and Deutsche Post to Bild-Zeitung. And so it doesn't matter if, while reading, you often get the feeling of holding a glossy brochure for one of the most innovative and creative advertising agencies in your hands. Why not when good advertising is as entertaining and entertaining as this book, yet informative and beautiful to look at? Seldom has a self-presentation been so enjoyable and aesthetic.

While the co-founder of Scholz & Friends Berlin, Sebastian Turner, in his book Jump! The secret to successful advertising Jung and von Matt convince with a successful combination of content and presentation.

The reader quickly notices that the two agency bosses are not lacking in self-confidence. But probably only this fact allows the two to write openly about failures and one or the other faux pas of their careers. What the reader ultimately receives are clever and amusing insights into the work of Holger Jung and Jean-Remy von Matt and their underlying philosophy. And that's always interesting.