What is it like to study in the ministry?

Degree programs: the right one for everyone

The courses offered by universities in Bavaria cover a wide range of subjects. The degree - whether bachelor, master, diploma, master's degree, state examination or church degree - depends on the subject, the structure and duration of the study.

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Bachelor and Master

The study structure is predominantly structured in two stages; the courses lead to the academic degree Bachelor or Master as a university degree. Bavarian universities currently offer 902 Bachelor and 885 Master’s courses (as of WS 2013/2014). The state examination is still a hallmark of state-regulated professions (teaching, medicine, pharmacy, law). There are also some degree programs with a church degree.

Bachelor's and master's degree programs offer significant advantages:

  • shorter study times with the bachelor's degree as the first professional qualification
  • greater practical relevance, as well as a closer connection between studies and work
  • internationally comparable study structures and degrees in a tiered study system
  • more mobility of students, university lecturers and scientists through modularization, a credit point system and a diploma supplement
  • more transparency for improved cooperation between European universities
  • Europe-wide common quality standards for teaching and studying.

In addition to the usual full-time courses, more and more courses are being set up in part-time or part-time formats. This enables greater flexibility in the timing of a degree. You can find information about this on the website "further: studying in Bavaria".

Further information on the Bologna Process and the new courses