Which is the best spa in Bali

Hotels in Bali: The most luxurious accommodations from Canggu to Ubud

Sustainable travel is becoming more and more popular - and the desire to be respectful of nature can also be implemented very well on a long-haul trip. The best example of this is arguably the Fivelements in Ubud: The award-winning wellness retreat offers its guests the perfect mix of luxury and sustainability. Located directly on the Ayung River and embedded in a beautiful jungle backdrop, all everyday stress falls away here immediately - especially when you are having a good time with one of the numerous beauty treatments in the traditionally designed spa. The Sakti ritual, which is structured in three phases, is particularly recommended: After a classic aromatic oil massage, the body is treated with a peeling made from sea salt and coconut oil, before a lavish bath with lemongrass, ginger and citrus fruits - all with a view of the jungle.

The mission of this resort is to bring body, mind and nature into harmony. This is reflected in the careful use of resources - rainwater is reused, regional products and natural materials are preferred - as is the completely vegan kitchen of the restaurant, which couldn't be more sophisticated and with smoothie bowls in bright colors, homemade coconut yogurt, aromatic curries and decadent chocolate desserts.

Perfect for: Guests who love subtle luxury and still want to experience the “real” Bali. At Fivelements you have the opportunity to attend traditional rituals and get to know Indonesian culture in a very special way. Fire blessing, in which negative thoughts and aspects of life are to be transferred into the fire and reversed into positive energy, is an experience that you will never forget.

Price: Villa from around 160 euros per night