Why does Trump wear so much bronzer?

This is why Donald Trump's skin is so orange

People deserve an answer. Many have probably wondered why the US president looks like he has eaten too many carrots.

In fact, Trump has always had a seemingly orange hue, even if it seems more noticeable now, which of course may be due to the constant presence of his face.

Even if no one can confirm this with certainty, many make-up specialists and tanning experts are convinced that it is a bad self-tanner.

"I know exactly how that comes about - he goes on the tanning bed, he uses tanning spray, he wears goggles, and then you can see the print around his eyes," said Jason Kelly, a Cleveland makeup professional, who 2016 was hired for the Republican Congress at "Harper's Bazar" in July.

Whether it's coming from the tanning bed or from self-tanning is hard to say. Both of them require eye protection that leaves marks around the eyes. Most experts agree that he is using some type of bad self-tanner and that he is not using it properly.

"You have to be talented to apply makeup to self-tanners," Dante Fitzpatrick of Beach Bum Tanning told the NY Daily News in March. "If you get it wrong, it looks really wrong - especially in HD."

Fitzpatrick added that it is most likely that Trump is not using the correct shade on his skin and that the makeup is being applied incorrectly. The TV spotlights also change the color of the natural skin and exacerbate the problem, said Kimberly Kinch, makeup specialist at Rouge NY, in an interview with the Daily News.

If you like to tan, then you can do it without looking so orange. Choose a color that more closely matches your natural skin tone, exfoliate your skin to soften the orange, and always have a professional do it.

Another possibility: just leave artificial self-tanners and show people your true colors.