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The US judiciary's long silence on Hunter Biden's business in China

The news made headlines in the US media: The US Department of Justice has started an investigation against Hunter Biden, the son of US President-elect Joe Biden. It's about his "tax affairs," said Hunter Biden in a statement that his father's office circulated on Wednesday.

He did not give details, but assured that he was not guilty of anything. The news agency AP learned from informed circles that it was, among other things, about Hunter Biden's business connections to China.

Their scope and content are now gradually becoming public. The "Daily Mail" from Great Britain has listed the allegations and the business partners of the 50-year-old in detail. It is about substantial payments of up to six million dollars, including money Hunter Biden is said to have received from a Chinese energy company with ties to the Communist Party.

As quoted by "Fox News" in the Senate report, the business relationship between Hunter Biden and Ye Jianming, the founder of CEFC China Energy Co., and his business partner Gongwen Dong, began in 2015 - at a time when Biden's father was Vice President under the former President Barack Obama was.

Why didn't Barr act?

The investigation into Hunter Biden, which has now been made public, has been running since 2018, a year before his father announced his presidential candidacy. On Tuesday, he and others were summoned for questioning, according to investigators. That did not happen before the election so as not to influence the outcome, it said.