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Official: Alonso contests Indy 500 with Chevrolet engine after Honda veto

(Motorsport-Total.com) - What the sparrows whistle from the roofs is now also confirmed: Fernando Alonso will tackle the Indy 500 in the coming season with a car driven by Chevrolet and used by McLaren. For the Spaniard, who wants to win the "Triple Crown" of motorsport after leaving Formula 1, that was the only way out, as Honda had opposed a cooperation - first, because Alonso competes in the WEC for arch-rival Toyota, and second, because of the numerous insults in the McLaren-Honda era.


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"The fact that I am competing with Chevrolet Power means that we are in the best possible position to fight at the very front," said Alonso, convinced that Chevrolet will help him to victory. That shouldn't come as a complete surprise, because two years ago the racing routineer retired at his Indy 500 premiere, some of which he even led, with a Honda engine failure.

Although Will Power won last year with a Chevrolet engine in the "noodle pot", the Honda engine is considered a better choice. This season, a car with a Japanese engine was ahead in eleven of 17 races.

But Alonso doesn't want to know anything about that. "At the beginning of the week I had a little taste of how powerful the Chevy engine is in Jimmie Johnson's NASCAR car - and I liked that," Alonso alludes to his NASCAR car swap with the stock car star in Bahrain and scatters his new engine partner Rosen.

The head of the McLaren Indy Car project, ex-Force India man Robert Fernley, also believes in the success of the partnership: "It is a key aspect of our plan for the Indy 500 2019. As the reigning winner, Chevrolet brings us into one good starting position and we have already built a good working relationship. The people at Chevrolet are real professionals and real racers who rise to the challenge.

Incidentally, it is not the first time that the two big names have been mentioned in the same breath: In the legendary North American Can-Am sports car series, McLaren drove exclusively with Chevrolet engines for seven years until 1972.