How does the Wikipedia Android app generate revenue

WikiWand makes Wikipedia pretty and functional

A quick tip and a really good thing, for everyone who likes to browse the Wikipedia, but long for a new look for the online encyclopedia. The WikiWand project prepares Wikipedia articles live with a significantly optimized layout, new typography and much less mess, so that the wiki articles can be read much better in my opinion. There are also features such as forwarding an article by email, Facebook, Twitter and Co. As an example, I simply link the articles on Linux (Wikipedia, WikiWand), Galileo Galilei (Wikipedia, WikiWand) or the flying spaghetti monster (Wikipedia, WikiWand) .

The examples make the difference between WikiWand and Wikipedia quite clear. The table of contents is clearly enlarged as a static bar on the left edge of the screen. The font used is a whole tick larger and better graduated between body text and headings. The images are integrated in a larger format and are displayed as a slide show with one click, just like you know from many websites. Use the gear menu to adjust the font size, font, background and sentence to your wishes.

So that you don't always have to go to to read Wikipedia articles, the project offers browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. These extensions automatically redirect to WikiWand when clicking on Wikipedia links, so that the transition from Wikipedia to WikiWand happens seamlessly and without additional actions. This is useful, for example, when following a Wikipedia link from a Google search or another reference to Wikipedia.

WikiWand claims to donate 30 percent of its profits to the Wikmedia Foundations. At this point, however, I'm not sure what kind of revenue should be generated there. WikiWand writes that I don't want to use tracking, I don't see any additional advertising banners - yet? So where should income be generated? The English Wikipedia article on WikiWand provides information on this: On the one hand, it was possible to collect 600,000 US dollars in venture capital, and on the other hand, advertisements for books and courses and training will later flush money into the cash register.

WikiWand was able to raise $ 600,000 to support the development of the improved interface. The facility is available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well as via WikiWand’s website. The company hopes to monetize the product by integrating advertisements for textbooks, articles, and classes. It has stated that it intends to donate 30% of its profits to Wikipedia, presumably meaning the Wikimedia Foundation.

Perhaps Wikipedia will come into its own in the near future and give the site a new coat of paint. In the end, the design of Wikipedia is as old as Wikipedia itself: It is functional and now also works well on mobile devices. But modern and appealing is different.

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