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Not everyone in sales wants to switch to a sales manager, sales manager, or managerial position. Some have no desire to move anywhere in a company, but there are many who have a desire to advance their careers in sales.

While there are myriad factors that can affect a sales professional's career advancement goals, positively or negatively, there are a few steps that are considered to be the reason for their promotion, in the view of those who achieve their advancement goals.

  • 01 You decide where you want to make your career

    The world's best salespeople know reinventing the wheel is a waste of time. You choose to find someone who has already achieved the success you want and make that person a role model. From their role models, they can learn which mistakes have been made and what brings them to achieve the success they have now.

    Choosing a role model is certainly a challenge. It seems that no one embodies all of the qualities that you want to imitate in your life. Select role models for specific areas of life to make it easier to find a role model.

  • 03 Hire a trainer

    While a role model can provide you experience-based guidance, hiring a sales coach or life teacher can provide insights that a role model may never give you. The right coach, if it is a sales, career or life coach, is trained and experienced to help you make the right decision and take corrective action.

    Follow the advice that went to someone else in the direction that is best for you. Hiring a coach who is solely focused on understanding and supporting you can ensure that your actions and decisions are only authentic to you.

  • 04 bloom where to plant it

    Having the goal in mind, being focused and determined, and being completely authentic in decisions and actions, is an incredibly powerful state. Those realizing intended career advancements knew they needed to keep an eye on the ball they just had, in other words, they would work harder in their current position once they decided to move beyond their current position.

    If your decision involves leaving your current employer, understand that achieving less than your full effort is a trait that will follow you everywhere. To advance your career you must have developed the skills and traits of those who will one day lead you. As a leader, you expect those reporting to you to do their best in whatever position they find themselves in.

    You have to do the same or you will lose the right to expect others to do the same.

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