Greek yogurt is healthier than other yogurt

Greek yogurt: protein bomb and good for athletes

In the US it is Greek yogurt has become a popular and, above all, sought-after food in recent years. According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, Greek yogurt made up 35 percent of the total yogurt market in the United States last year, which is estimated at $ 6 billion. In 2007 the proportion was just one percent. And the Germans are also following suit. In addition to imported goods from Greece, well-known dairies such as Hochwald, Müller, Zott or Andechser also offer corresponding products. However, the designation on the cups is usually “Greek yogurt”, because from a purely legal point of view, only products that were made in Greece can be called Greek yogurt. But regardless of whether they are originals from a southern European country or products from Germany, they will be popular with consumers. According to food practice, this is also proven by the figures from the Society for Consumer Research. This shows a 33 percent increase in buyers for 2011 and 2012.

But why is the dairy product so popular?

Greek yoghurt and yoghurt of the Greek type have a particularly creamy consistency and thus differs from conventional yoghurt, which is usually very liquid or very firm (firm). It also has a pleasant, intense taste.

In the past, yoghurt was traditionally filled into linen sacks to drain, today industrial processes take over. As the liquid components run out and drip off, the end product becomes particularly creamy and thick. Yoghurt loses almost 70 percent of water and whey during production, so more milk is required. While one liter of milk is used for one liter of conventional yoghurt, four liters are used for Greek yoghurt.

Thanks to the special manufacturing process, Greek yoghurt is lower in carbohydrates and richer in protein than normal yoghurt and is therefore particularly popular with athletes. However, the yogurt also contains almost 10 percent fat. In the USA there are also yoghurt variants with a lower fat content (max. 2%) or the completely fat-free variant. The protein content varies depending on the manufacturer.

Greek yogurt - enjoy sweet and savory

The Greeks prefer their specialty with fresh fruit and honey and also like to eat the yogurt as a dessert. With homemade granola, it is preferred for breakfast in cafes and restaurants in the USA.

But Greek yogurt can not only be eaten pure. It is also ideal for. B. for sauces and soups and easily replaces cream or crème fraîche. Salads, such as B. our Greek potato salad, or casseroles, such as moussaka, can be refined with the dairy product. Tzatziki is also often made with Greek yogurt.