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keep pace keep up


Your data center must meet the needs of your business keep pace.
Your data center must keep pace with the needs of your business.
With the growth of electromobility keep pace and integrate additional charging stations at any time.
Keep pace with the growth in electric mobility with the ability to integrate additional charging stations at any time.
A notebook that goes with you keep pace can.
A laptop that can keep up with you.
Legislation cannot cope with technological development keep pace.
The legislative process can't keep up with technology.
Infrastructure must keep pace: Housing construction intensified.
Infrastructure must keep pace: construction of residential housing is increasing.
We must keep pace with the world revolutionary situation that has begun.
We have to keep pace with the present world revolutionary situation.
The devices must keep pace with the constant technological innovations and ensure that the patients are treated in the best possible way.
Likewise, advances in technology mean there is a constant challenge to keep up to date and ensure that the equipment offers the best possible care to patients.
Legislators, even if they wanted to, cannot do so with this technology keep pace.
Legislators cannot keep up with this technology even if they try to.
Conventional tape solutions and optical solutions can no longer do this keep pace.
And traditional tape and optical solutions simply can't keep pace.
So you can easily handle growing amounts of data keep pace.
So you can easily keep pace with expanding information volumes.
Older IT environments cannot cope with today's pace of change keep pace.
Legacy IT environments can't keep up with today's pace of change.
Healthcare companies have to cope with these changing regulatory and market demands keep pace and stay competitive at the same time.
Healthcare companies must keep pace with these changing regulatory and market dynamics while remaining cost-competitive.
Demand cannot match supply keep pace.
Deduplication reduces the constant expense of additional tape infrastructure to keep up with these trends keep pace to be able to.
Deduplication reduces the ongoing spend on tape infrastructure to keep pace with these trends.
His salary can't keep up with inflation keep pace.
Lots of old people these days can't keep up with the times keep pace.
Many old people these days cannot keep up with the times.
Tom can't with Maria keep pace.
This solution can cope with growing storage needs keep pace and reduce data deduplication to the startup process.
This solution can keep up with increasing storage demands and reduce data deduplication to boot.
Legislation should at least match research keep pace.
Legislation should, at minimum, keep up with research.
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