How do I stay motivated motivated

8 tips for more motivation to exercise

Photo of you in your beach outfit and pin it in a clearly visible place, such as the refrigerator door or bathroom mirror. Embarrassing? Yes, but this is how you keep in mind every day why you wanted to eat less for exercise or less. That motivates!

If you are one of the less radical people, look for a feasible role model and hang it on the wall instead of a self-portrait. So you have your goal in mind every day and visualize it regularly. The first step to finally take action.

4. Do what is fun

Running briskly burns the most calories? That may be, but if you're not a fan of endurance, there is no point in tormenting yourself to jog regularly. Do what you enjoy! Do you prefer to play basketball or volleyball? Or do you love swimming? Then work out your favorite sport and training quickly turns into a hobby that you have cherished and not a training.

5. Appreciate even small successes!

You don't get the body you want overnight. That is why it would not be very motivating and also unfair to your body to throw in the towel after just a few training sessions. Proceed in small steps and regularly write down the parameters that are important for you: The biceps circumference has increased by 1 cm? Has your thigh circumference shrunk by 2cm? Congratulations, you are on the right track! And by the way, have you already noticed that it's much easier to get up the stairs lately? And have less back pain, appear more confident or sleep better? Try it!

You will never regret a workout, but you will not regret exercising!

6. Train at fixed times

Humans are creatures of habits. Create free space in your everyday life to carry out your training. The easiest way to do this is to plan a fixed amount of time each day (e.g. before showering or during a TV show). Stick to your training times and don't get distracted. This time belongs entirely to you and your body. See this period of time as a luxury that you allow yourself and your body! This turns your training into a ritual that you will soon no longer want to do without. Once regular exercise has become a habit, you will notice that you need exercise in order to continue to feel good about yourself.

7. Regularity creates routine

Use the momentum of the beginning and do your fitness program regularly at the beginning. Because as soon as you are "in" and have found your rhythm, it becomes a habit to do sports. And then you will really miss out on training sessions due to illness or other important appointments. The body gets so used to regular exercise, that after a while he can no longer sit still and regularly forces you to move.

Use the inverted weaker self and make the sport a habit.

How do you want to be

There are only good reasons to get fit and muscular, and we haven't heard from anyone who has regretted completing their fitness program afterwards. Strangely, after training, everyone is in a good mood and a bit proud too - and rightly so. The body is well supplied with blood, warmed up and endorphins have been released.

It is up to you to decide which kind of person you want to belong to. To the lazy and untrained? Definitely not! Of course, the path to regular training and your desired body is exhausting, but in the end you will also get a great and valuable reward for it.