One can be cured of paranoia forever

Self-help with schizophrenia

Since acute psychosis can announce itself some time in advance, it is possible to react to typical situations and signs and take countermeasures. Acute psychoses often occur when there is a lot of stress, for example in times of major life changes. They can be favored by particularly strong feelings such as pronounced fear. Probably poor sleep can further increase the risk.

It can therefore be useful to check possible influencing factors: Where am I currently experiencing particular stress? How can I reduce this? What scares me What can help me sleep better? Which hobbies are good for me? Am I currently having conflicts with other people? How can I solve this? Can I reach out to friends and family and tell them about my problems? Or do I prefer to turn to experts or a self-help group?

Other ways to respond to signs of acute psychosis include:

  • Go to a psychotherapist: If you are in psychotherapeutic treatment, they are important contacts to clarify which steps are sensible. However, it is also possible to go to a psychotherapeutic consultation in a practice that you do not yet know.
  • Go to the doctor: It is best to contact someone who has treated you for a long time, knows your own situation and with whom you have a good relationship. You can then discuss with him or her whether it makes sense to take medication and whether a hospital stay is advisable.
  • Use psychosocial crisis services: Such services are available in some cities and can help with acute problems.
  • Use learned strategies to relieve symptoms: As part of psychotherapy or training programs, certain supportive techniques are taught that can help limit symptoms.

If there are signs of acute psychosis, you can contact any specialist clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy. There are also specialized early detection centers for psychoses in some cities.