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135 cool sayings for every occasion + 6 bonus tips

We would all like to have a cool saying on our lips in every situation, in order to appear quick-witted and confident. Many cool sayings only emerge from the context. But there are also occasions and topics for which a ready-made slogan can be used. If you are looking for a cool saying for your WhatsApp status, about friendship, summer, unicorns or for a birthday, then you will find it with us.

What does coolness mean?

What coolness actually is

Some people and things are cool, others are not at all. Some people think football is cool, others prefer to play in a band. This example alone shows that "coolness" is a subjective feeling and is always in the eye of the beholder. And as is well known, there is no arguing about taste. The word "cool" comes from the USA and came about at a time when blacks were still enslaved by whites. At the time, being cool meant keeping your cool, pulling yourself together, and not showing your feelings. The Duden also defines coolness as the quality of not being afraid, staying calm and not getting nervous. Cool is synonymous with "highly appealing" and "corresponding to the ideal". It's not really tangible yet, but it does point in a certain direction.

You can't be really cool, you can only be rated as cool by others. The new iPhone is not automatically cool either. However, due to certain properties it is rated as cool by many. So coolness is first and foremost an external perception. People who want to achieve their goals and are independent are considered cool. But it is important that there is a healthy middle ground. Anyone who rebels against everything is just as uncool as someone who just goes with the flow. Plus, it's not cool at all to care about absolutely nothing or to violate moral and ethical principles.

Who or what is found cool by whom always depends on the attitude that one takes. If you value individualism, you will find a person who pursues their goals and is independent who is cool. If you value security and continuity, you might find your friends who are building their own house cool. You see that you cannot be cool per se or that you do not appear equally cool to everyone, no matter how many cool sayings you know. Nevertheless, a cool saying every now and then can ease the mood, cheer up friends or inspire and motivate you.

When cool sayings are appropriate

When cool sayings are appropriate

Cool, cooler, you. If you want to look particularly casual, a cool slogan shouldn't be missing from time to time. Depending on who you're talking to or writing to, a funny remark can also look cool. This can ease the mood and help make people around you feel more comfortable. The saying should of course be humorous and not arrogant.

Those who want to be cool today are often unimpressed and sometimes aloof. Make sure, however, that such a saying is not appropriate in every situation. When a friend is really sad, maybe even depressed, a cool saying won't cheer them up. Even if you don't know people that well and can't judge their humor, you should be careful and approach them first.

If the situation allows it and you think you bring a cool line or send it by message, you should keep in mind that the other person may have a different view of "cool". If you have enough self-esteem, you won't let that put you off. Otherwise the flight into irony helps.

Cool short sayings

Sometimes there is not enough time for a long explanation or message. Then it has to be done quickly. If you live by the motto “the spice is in the brief”, then our cool short sayings are just right for you. Not only are they quick to read, they are also quick to say or type. Why talk for a long time when you can get to the heart of it briefly and concisely.

  1. Go with or aside.
  2. I don't stalk. I am investigating.
  3. As long as I enjoy it, I don't care about the point.
  4. I'm not sitting here pointless, I'm beautifying the room.
  5. I dont'care on the "early bird.
  6. You have to look to others to blame.
  7. I am not small, but reduced to the best.
  8. Naughty? I call it verbally superior.
  9. I'm not mental, I'm a limited edition.
  10. Amazement is involuntary praise.
  11. I don't have any quirks, these are special effects.
  12. Always smile and wave nicely.
  13. I was a power ranger for 3 years for a reason!
  14. The only thing keeping me here is gravity.
  15. I like the night There all swings are free.

Cool sayings in English

Cool sayings in English

For many people, cool sayings are only available in English. It goes without saying that this category should not be missing from our list. The German language is becoming more popular again in the music sector, but a saying in English often just seems cooler than a saying in the mother tongue. Personal things can be expressed, but the deeper meaning is easier to hide. Show emotions? No, not cool. Then rather cool sayings in English.

  1. There is one thing you can't conceal with photoshop - an ugly personality.
  2. Sorry if I looked Interested, I'm NOT!
  3. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
  4. Teamwork is a lot of people doing what I say.
  5. Pain is temporary, glory is forever.
  6. If “Plan A” did not work: The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool.
  7. I don’t follow dreams. I hunt goals.
  8. Dream as if you will live forever and Live as if you will die today.
  9. I may not be perfect but at least I am not just a fake.
  10. People change, things go wrong, shit happens but life goes on.
  11. Love me or hate me, but do not try to change me!
  12. Move on. It's a chapter in your life. Don't close the book, just turn the page for a new chapter.
  13. First they laugh then they copy.
  14. One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.
  15. Nobody is perfect. I am nobody!

Cool sayings for women

Yes, women are special. At least that's what they like to believe. We have put together a list of cool sayings for all cool women who sometimes miss words. If you are a man, feel free to skip this paragraph. You can of course also use it as a further training measure and find out what makes women tick. With a wink, of course.

  1. I'll give up everything and become a princess.
  2. I am a dream woman. Or what is it called when you're always tired?
  3. In my closet there are clothes for 10 women, 5 sizes, 4 seasons - just for me there is nothing else.
  4. Gloriole? I already had it, but it doesn't suit me.
  5. I am a woman, I can make you think you wanted it that way.
  6. Women don't need middle fingers, we do it with our eyes.
  7. We women like men who can show emotions, we are cool ourselves.
  8. We'll be the old ladies who cause trouble in the nursing home.
  9. I am a woman, even if there is nothing between the lines, I can read it.
  10. "Women are there to run the household." Yes it is clear. The only question is: where to, how far and to whom?
  11. Of course, men work harder than women - because women get it right right away.
  12. I am a woman, I do not forget, I archive.
  13. That moment when you see your ex again after years and think "Phew, bastard."
  14. It's not easy to be a superwoman, but I can manage.
  15. Not all women are made of sugar. Some are made up of adventure, dark chocolate, swear words, intelligence and courage.

Happy Birthday - Cool sayings for a birthday

Happy Birthday - Cool sayings for a birthday

Surprise! Another year has passed completely surprisingly and a good friend or someone in your family has a birthday. Nobody could have guessed. In the long run, the birthday wishes become monotonous and boring. If you are not a fan of big words and do not swing speeches, but also do not want to come around the corner with a 0-8-15 card or message, we have a few cool birthday greetings for you, but also cool sayings in general for the Birthday suit. And now: read quickly and then off to the party. You're not getting any younger either.

  1. Cool birthday sayings are not for you
    You're too cool, that shows your face.
    You're a tough guy
    The flakes are flying in the club today.
  2. Everyone donated some money for this SMS. We had € 86.24 left and celebrated your birthday in the bar around the corner! Happy Birthday!
  3. With age it is like with wine - the older ones should be something special here too.
  4. Baggy pants or not,
    Being cool is not difficult for you.
  5. I actually wanted to come by in person, but the sight of old people always depresses me!
  6. Happy birthday - how old are you going to be today? I always have difficulties with large numbers.
  7. Birthday? Yet again? You only had! Did we really need 364 days to recover from your party?
  8. You are not 40. You are 18 with 22 years of experience.
  9. One year older, don't be mad. You only get more mature, interesting, and smarter.
  10. No need to fool around here
    It's your birthday, let's celebrate!
  11. "What do you want for your birthday?"
    “A Benjamin Blümchen cake.”
    "Haha no, I mean something right."
    - I (25), sad, really wanted a Benjamin Blümchen cake.
    Giving is fun:
    - To give attention
    - Give a smile
    - Pay attention
    - Pour
    - Refill
  12. I'm so old now that I have to have a coffee after the preheating so I don't fall asleep straight away in the club.
  13. My friend doesn't get candles on his birthday cake. What should he also wish for? He has me.
  14. I'm not too old for this stuff. I'm just very tired the next day - and the day after that.

Cool summer sayings

Cool summer sayings

Summer sun sunshine. For many, summer is the best time of the year. Sure, because most of us are still on vacation. Warm summer nights, cool drinks, sea, beach, sunsets, campfires, ice cream and no worries. Summer also often reminds us of our childhood. Week-long summer vacation, no homework, no obligations. If the winter blues have just grabbed you or you want to prepare for summer (vacation), we have put together a series of cool summer sayings for you. The sun is guaranteed to shine.

  1. I could also go on vacation for work.
  2. Ironing boards are surfboards that have given up on their dreams and taken on a boring job. Don't be an ironing board!
  3. Travel is never a question of money, but of courage.
  4. Some women want diamonds. Others want a hammock on the beach and their peace.
  5. Favorite moment: See the beach, walk past the sea and feel the water on your feet.
  6. I won't stop traveling until I've seen the sunset on every coast.
  7. Let's go to the sea, just sit there, listen to the waves and forget the world around us.
  8. By the way, the sea doesn't care whether you have a bikini figure or not.
  9. SEA. My. Only one. Eternal. Romance.
  10. I want to live somewhere where the sand reaches the front door. For example in a castle by the sea.
  11. Home office can be so practical. Especially if you live by the sea.
  12. What men pack for vacation: swimming trunks, towels, flip flops.
    What women pack for vacation: 19 outfits, 9 pairs of shoes and 3 kilos of cosmetics.
  13. It doesn't matter where you go The main thing is that your path leads you to the sea.
  14. One day I want to wake up and realize that I live where other people go on vacation.
  15. My goal for the summer: go on vacation until I forget the way to university.

Cool sayings for life

Cool sayings for life

These 15 cool sayings are suitable for almost all situations. Life is an up and down. If you stay cool, you won't get out alive in the end, but you have made the best use of the time. The following sayings can inspire you and help you to keep a cool head. Not everyone understands how you live your life. Don't let that fool you, stay cool and do what you think is right. We often lack the motivation to do so. Then we need a friend who will cheer us up and remind us of the good things in life. If a friend needs your help and you can't find the right words, you can also use a saying or be inspired by one of our sayings and modify it accordingly.

  1. I found myself. Wasn't that difficult at all, stood next to me.
  2. Sometimes I don't want to be an adult. Then I just want to go to the ball pit and throw everyone who gets on my nerves.
  3. Forgot at least one important appointment every week, but have known the gummy bear gang's theme song by heart for years.
  4. My second foreign language at school was math.
  5. You don't have to be an empathic wonder when dealing with other people. Often it is enough to ask: "How would I feel about it."
  6. With humor, self-irony and enough wine you can actually get through life quite well.
  7. There are only two important questions in life: "Is this good for me?" and "Can you eat it?"
  8. Always remember: everyone else lives for the first time too.
  9. Life begins where your comfort zone ends.
  10. The art of living is to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun.
  11. Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. (John Lennon)
  12. The times when I was angry with people are over. Now I just turn around and walk away and do my part.
  13. Nobody gets out of here alive. So stop treating you like a keepsake. Eat tasty things. Go to the sea. Dance in the rain. Be silly. Say what you think. There is no time for anything else.
  14. If you don't like who I am or what I make with my life, that's fine. I live my life for myself and not for you.
  15. I'm just doing all this nonsense because tomorrow it could all be over.

Cool sayings about friendship

Cool sayings about friendship

Friends are the family you choose. In a friendship, you experience ups and downs together, laughs together and is there for each other. There are a number of cool sayings that highlight the special features of a good friendship. The sayings can strengthen your friendship or help a friend in difficult times. No matter whether you want to cheer up a good friend or just make him happy, with these cool sayings you will definitely succeed. If you are not that emotional, a cool saying is also suitable to emphasize the specialty of your friendship. A real friend who knows you will appreciate that.

  1. Sometimes drinking coffee with friends is the only therapy you need.
  2. It takes a lot of courage to face your friends. (J.K Rowling)
  3. Being yourself may not bring you many friends, but it does bring you the right ones.
  4. It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you do or what you have. It depends on who you have by your side.
  5. The best feeling: Laughing so hard with your friends that you hit the table, grunt and can't breathe or talk.
  6. There should be people who like you just the way you are. Totally awesome!
  7. Those friends who come to your house and act like it's their house.
  8. There is nothing like a best friend. Well okay Find a best friend who comes by with chocolate and wine.
  9. Good friends don't care if your apartment is clean and tidy. The main thing is that you have enough wine.
  10. True friendship is when you meet up to take a nap first.
  11. If you don't have to be careful what you say, then you know you are with the right people.
  12. Normal friends buy you something to eat. Best friends eat your food.
  13. A true friend is someone who is just as crazy as you are.
  14. People who say, “There's no going too far with a best friend” have never carried that friend home drunk.
  15. Nobody will ever find us as funny as we will find ourselves.

Cool unicorn sayings

Do you love unicorns? Then stand by it! We have collected the coolest unicorn sayings for you. If the glitter doesn't shoot out of your nose as a unicorn fan, then we don't know what to do next. Some sayings you can actually use every now and then in everyday life, some are simply to smile about or are suitable as WhatsApp status. So, eat some glitter, read the proverbs and shine all day.

  1. I? Crazy? I should get off my unicorn and give you one.
  2. Humor makes life more colorful, chocolate makes life sweeter, a unicorn makes it sparkle.
  3. I was told that I live in a fantasy world. I almost fell off my unicorn.
  4. "I would like two rolls, a croissant and a coffee."
    "Anything else?"
    "So if you ask me that ... a unicorn and some fairy dust, please."
  5. I have to go now, my unicorn is not allowed to park.
  6. If you treat me stupid, my unicorn will meet you pink and pink.
  7. If I were a unicorn, I could impale idiots with my head.
  8. I've had enough, I'll go stroke my unicorn.
  9. "I wish a unicorn for my birthday"
    "Clear. Do you also have realistic wishes? "
    "The true love."
    "What color should the unicorn be?"
  10. If you don't know what to answer, you can always send a unicorn emoji. Nobody is mad when they see a unicorn.
  11. Be happy and content, be special - be a unicorn.
  12. "Are you coming to sport with me?"
    “Sorry, I can't. I have to dye my unicorn's mane. "
    "Are you kidding me?"
    "You started!"
  13. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn - then be a unicorn!
  14. Place there, I'm looking for the way to the unicorn wonderland.
  15. There is no lift to success. You already have to take the rainbow on your unicorn.

Cool status and Whatsapp messages

Cool status and Whatsapp messages

“Status must not be empty” - everyone who uses WhatsApp and “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp ”is just as boring as we do, but we don't have a cool saying ready either. Since the status can at least be read by all of your contacts, you should give yourself a few thoughts when choosing. Of course, you can basically use any saying that does not exceed the character specification and appears suitable to you. But a few sayings are particularly good as status. When making your selection, however, make sure to pay attention to who has your number. If you also use your private number for business contacts, you should adapt the saying accordingly. Passages from lyrics may be a bit more neutral, but no less cool.

  1. Hey there! WhatsApp is using me.
  2. I was a legend even in kindergarten.
  3. Sure you can get in touch, but don't stop at me.
  4. I'm not shy, I just don't feel like writing to you.
  5. Just tell me, I'll laugh later.
  6. I'm not lazy, I'm just in power saving mode.
  7. It's just amazing how confused people are when the sentence doesn't end like a bicycle.
  8. I should say hello from the level, you don't see each other that often.
  9. Who finds spelling mistakes may keep them.
  10. This contact has blocked you.
  11. You do not have to like me. I'm not on Facebook either.
  12. Bye, dear level! See you again on Monday!
  13. As soon as I find a pirate ship with WiFi, I'm kind of out of here.
  14. I hate people having a conversation in the middle of a sentence
  15. Here could be your advertising.

Bonus Tips: Develop a Cool Personality

Bonus Tips: Develop a Cool Personality

Nobody is naturally cool. Also difficult to train due to the fact that you can only be rated as cool by others. However, there are a few traits and ways that actually make your personality appear cooler, and thus increase the likelihood that others will find you cool. If you pay attention to a few things, you can definitely become a cool personality, where cool sayings also look really cool and authentic.

1. Take an interest in others

Nobody wants to listen to someone who is constantly talking about himself. Show interest in your counterpart. Ask him how he's doing, what's on his mind or what he's working on. Listen actively and ask specific questions. Of course, you can let in a personal anecdote from time to time and build trust. But it is important that you respond to the person you are talking to. This creates trust and shows that you care and are interested. You won't believe how many people think this is cool.

2. Be yourself ...

…Because everything else is already there. What sounds like a hackneyed phrase actually helps you look cool to others. A well-groomed appearance is important, no question about it. But it is much more important to be who you are. You will be amazed how well you will be received by other people if you don't pretend, just be yourself and don't primarily care what others think of you. If you talk about your goals and interests with joy and enthusiasm, it will come across as very cool to others. Of course you can develop and improve parts of your personality. But the more authentic you are and the less afraid you are of being yourself, the cooler other people will find you.

3. Be charming and witty

Be charming and witty

Cool personalities enchant others with their charming manner and master small talk like no other. Make other people feel comfortable around you and respond to their needs. If you appear self-confident and meet people with humor and a pleasant ease, you are halfway there and have made a good impression. Smart comments and a casual joke also make an impression. If someone likes to remember you, your witty sayings, and your charming ways, that's incredibly cool.

4. Be confident

All of the tips are of no use to you if you speak softly or assume a hunched posture. Stand with your head held high, pull your shoulders back a little and stretch your chest out. When you enter a room, everyone can see it. When talking to people, not only should you speak loudly and clearly, you should also look them in the eyes and keep eye contact. This not only shows that you are confident, but also expresses appreciation and interest.

5. Don't make others bad

What is perceived as cool is subjective. But if there's one thing that isn't cool at all and that no one thinks is cool, it is the quality of making fun of others. You don't need to make other people bad just to be better off. Aside from hurting others, it won't help you be seen as particularly cool by others, either. The opposite is the case.

6. Pursue your interests

It doesn't matter whether you enjoy reading, exercising or cooking. It doesn't always have to be a fancy hobby or an adventure vacation to make others seem like you are leading an exciting and cool life. If you only do something to impress others, you will not be happy in the long run and you will never stand behind it with the same passion as you would with a supposedly boring hobby or holiday in the Baltic Sea. But exactly this passion, the enthusiasm with which you do something and talk about it is what impresses your fellow human beings and makes you look cool.

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