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Omnichannel branding

Nobody wants to see polished brand messages these days - they appear artificial, standardized and usually fail to meet the needs of customers. Only those who are able to link data and content individually for the customer in a meaningful way and to build real relationships have the chance to become a love brand. Companies are therefore faced with the challenge of mastering the balancing act between IT, customer service, sales and R&D and creating a meaningful brand experience.

With a 360-degree perspective from the perspective of companies, agencies, customers and science, this book shows how experience packages - individually tailored to the individual user - can be communicated in real time via various channels. The concepts and practical examples make it clear how decision-makers can counteract the conflict between unpredictable customers, touchpoint overkill and big data mania with a clear focus of action.

from the content

• Context: Make sensible use of smart technology for brand management of the future

• Creation: Achieve enthusiasm for and emotional connection to the brand with creative designs

• Content: Build strong relationships between brand and users through relevant and authentic content

The editors

Prof. Dr. Vittoria von Gizycki did her doctorate at the Chair of Marketing at the TU Berlin and worked for several years in the areas of design and consulting, including at MetaDesign. Since 2011 she has been Professor of Marketing at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR).

Prof. Carola Anna Elias has many years of experience in international brand management. She has been the owner of the brand strategy agency CAE-BRANDCONSULTING in Berlin since 2005 and teaches as a professor at the MD.H (Mediadesign Hochschule), Berlin, in the field of media and communication management.