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Android Android: Edit autostart


Some apps do not have an autostart function, although it might be useful (some messengers, for example). In the following we will go into the extent to which you can design the autostart for apps according to your own needs. Since there is no built-in start menu under Android, as is the case with Windows computers, the autostart must be processed using an app.However, removing system apps is not recommended to avoid malfunctions.

Add and remove apps from autostart

You can do this using AutoStart - No root. Then open the app. You can now edit all the details of your autostart here:

  • Tap on "Auto startup: OFF"to allow this app to adjust the autostart. The option should then be set to"ON" stand.
  • Over "Applications: Add"you can add apps from a list to your autostart.
  • Over "Start delay"You can specify how much time elapses in seconds between starting the smartphone and opening the apps. This also includes the function"Next app delay". Here you specify how much time should pass between the opening processes of the individual apps.
  • Would you like an app from the autostart remove, you can do this directly in the start view of AutoStart - No root. Just tap that Red Cross on the right-hand side next to the corresponding app.
  • The app then asks you "Remove App from autostart list?". Confirm your selection by tapping on"Yes".

Add apps to autostart with Llama / Automate

To have apps open automatically when the phone starts up, you can use the Llama application. Actually, this app is intended to adjust the volume of the mobile phone ringing depending on the location. However, it has other functions, such as that automatic opening of apps.

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Quick Guide: Adding Apps to Autostart

  1. Install the app "Automate" from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app, accept the required requested authorizations.
  3. Go over "More flows" on "Begin".
  4. Here, too, give the app via "Grant"the necessary permissions.
  5. To verify You your Age when asked and tap on "Confirm".
  6. Tap that Search icon, search for "auto start apps at boot remake"and install the flow via"Download".
  7. Open the Flow from Home screen the app by clicking "begin"type.
  8. The pre-built flow asks you which apps you want to add. Follow the instructions and search for Instagram, for example. With "OK"it goes on, over"Cancel"takes you to all package names.
  9. Under "Confirmchoices"Check whether the apps you are looking for are activated and confirm with"OK" the selection.
  10. Now go back to the Automate app home screen and open the "Settings" about the Three point menu.
  11. Activate "Run on system startup".
  12. Start You your Smartphone new and the selected apps will now start automatically when booting.