How pickpockets steal so sneakily

Christina R. just goes shopping quickly. She drives back to her apartment in Gesundbrunnen with her rollator. It is already in the hallway. Suddenly she gets a slap on the temple. She stumbles, but can still hold on. However, your bag and its contents are gone. The Dajan E. from Bautzen is said to have ambushed the 83-year-old woman in September 2011.

The 24-year-old was on trial this week. From the beginning he denied the robbery in Gesundbrunnen. “I don't admit anything that I wasn't,” he tells the judge. The court therefore summoned the witness to the incident. Christina R. needs to be supported on her way into the courtroom. When she is on the witness stand, the judge points to Dayan E. and asks "Was it him?" The witness thinks about it. Shortly after the crime, she had clearly identified Dajan E. with the police as the perpetrator. But that's not enough for the court. It is important that the victim can recognize the perpetrator during the negotiation. “Please excuse me, I recently had a stroke. I can remember the whole situation in detail, but I'm not sure about the face, ”she says. The judge presented her with several pictures of different men. Dajan E. can also be seen on it, albeit with a different hairstyle that he is said to have worn at the time of the crime. Dajan E. shifts nervously to and fro in the dock. Christina R. points to another man in the pictures presented. Dajan E. is exonerated from the charge of robbery.

But Dajan E. is not only on trial for the robbery. It is also about a theft in a Sorbian kindergarten. He is said to have committed this at the beginning of October 2011. There he got to the kindergarten unnoticed and stole a handbag and a cell phone. He didn’t make much booty, however. Around 40 euros were in the wallet. At the beginning of the negotiation, Dajan E., who started an apprenticeship as a carpenter and broke it off prematurely, admitted the act. Thus the testimony of the witness is no longer necessary.

But that was not the first time that Dajan E. was brought before the judge. His file already has nine entries. This includes, for example, reports of dangerous bodily harm, property damage, trespassing and multiple thefts. He has therefore been serving a sentence in prison since the beginning of last year. Now comes the penalty for theft on top. The law provides for a range of punishments ranging from a fine to five years in prison for each individual case.

Dajan E. apologized to his victim and admits: "I needed the money for my crystal consumption". Now in prison he would no longer be dependent. The court sentenced Dajan E. to one year without parole. The defendant accepted the verdict.