Everyone has used coupon codes when shopping online

Everything about coupons

A voucher is always a great gift: free choice for the lucky one.
You can freely choose the voucher value.

How does the voucher work?
Order voucher online
Redeem vouchers
Answers to frequently asked questions

Order a voucher now

How does the voucher work?

You can buy the voucher online or in a Lehmanns bookstore on site. When you buy the voucher online, you will receive a PDF which you can then immediately print out on paper or send by email. And that works day and night - so the voucher is also a perfect last minute gift.

The lucky recipient can then redeem the voucher code when ordering on lehmanns.de or when shopping in a local bookstore. And he can choose from over 20 million books and media.

You can choose from four designs for your voucher.

Special: The eBook voucher

Find out everything about giving away eBooks

Order voucher online

Ordering is very easy - in a few minutes you can already give away the voucher:
  1. Choose the euro value and the motif
    and add a text as a personal greeting.
  2. Registration with name and address for the invoice
  3. Your payment options: bank transfer, credit card
    or Lehmann's PremiumCard
  4. Check the summary and then place the order
  5. The voucher is ready!
    You will now receive a link to a PDF with the voucher code.
    You can use this PDF:
    1. print it out and give it as a gift
    2. Send it directly to the lucky guy as an attachment to an email
    3. save to your hard drive (and give away later)
  6. We will send you the invoice within a few days.
Order a voucher now

Redeem vouchers

All you need to redeem is the voucher code (at least 12 letters or numbers).

In the local bookstore, enter the code at the checkout when paying.
When ordering on lehmanns.de, proceed as follows:
  1. Put the articles of your choice in the shopping cart
  2. Registration with name and address for delivery and invoice
  3. Choice of payment method: here you can enter the voucher code.
  4. In the summary you can see the euro amount with which the voucher is credited.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. Questions about the voucher:
  2. Questions about ordering a voucher:
  3. Questions about redeeming a voucher:

How can I give away the voucher?

There are several ways to do this. You can print out the PDF (A4) on paper and give it as a gift.
But you can also send the PDF directly to the recipient as an attachment to an email. Or save the PDF on a USB stick and give it away.
Ultimately, only the voucher code has to reach the recipient, because if he enters this code when ordering, he can have the voucher value at his disposal.

What does the voucher look like?

There are 4 motifs in A4 format: for birthdays, for Christmas, eBooks & more and for every occasion. With just a few entries, you can create a non-binding and anonymous sample and view it as a preview. Create a voucher now.

How long is the voucher valid?

Actually, the voucher expires after 3 years (at the end of the year) according to § 195 BGB, but we also redeem the voucher beyond that.

Is the voucher transferable?

The voucher is not issued to a specific holder and can therefore also be transferred or given away. Anyone who enters the voucher code for a web order can have the voucher value at their disposal.

Can I also redeem the voucher in a Lehmanns branch?

Yes, you can also redeem the voucher in whole or in part in the branches of Lehmanns.
Overview of the locations

How can I pay for the voucher?

You have the choice between an open invoice (= bank transfer), payment by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex) and the Lehmanns PremiumCard (= direct debit).

Can I freely choose the voucher value?

Yes, you can freely choose the value: it doesn't matter whether it is € 23.23 or € 111.
However, there is a minimum amount of € 5.

Can I change anything after completing the order?

Once the voucher has been generated with a valid code, it can no longer be changed. We therefore recommend checking the entries beforehand using the preview as PDF.
You can do this several times until you are completely satisfied with all changes and entries.

The voucher value is higher than the sum in the shopping cart - what now?

No problem - when shopping, the voucher value is only reduced by the amount of your order. The remaining credit will be saved for you under the same voucher code.

The voucher value is lower than the total in the shopping cart - what now?

No problem - the value of the voucher will be deducted from your purchase. The remaining euro amount can then be paid by you using the payment method you selected during the ordering process (invoice, credit card, PremiumCard).

Why is my voucher code rejected when I enter it?

There are three possible reasons why a voucher code may not be accepted when redeeming:
  1. The voucher code is unknown to us, which can have the following causes:
    1. There is a typo.
    2. It's a competitor's voucher ;-)
    3. This is an old offline voucher (handwritten in a bookstore).
  2. The voucher value is 0 euros - the voucher has already been redeemed without any remainder.
  3. The voucher code is blocked. The voucher was probably reported as lost or the voucher purchase was not paid for.
Do you have a question about this problem?
Please contact our web team.

Do I have to enter the hyphens when entering the code and pay attention to upper / lower case letters?

  1. For vouchers from December 15, 2010 (code with at least 12 characters): Here it does not matter whether you enter the hyphens or use spaces. A distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters is also not necessary.
  2. For vouchers until December 14, 2010 (code with 10 or 25 characters): There are no hyphens here, but upper and lower case is very important and the code must be entered correctly.

Can I redeem multiple vouchers in one shopping cart?

Yes, that is possible.
Please enter the first voucher code in the corresponding field. You can then enter all other codes in the field. When you summarize your order, only the first voucher will be recognized, but our staff will then offset all vouchers when creating the invoice.

Note: Unfortunately, this procedure is not possible when buying an eBook with vouchers. Only a voucher can be credited here.
If you want to have several vouchers credited, please contact eBook support before purchasing.

My voucher does not have a minimum 12-digit code. Can I still redeem it?

Your voucher is most likely one of the few old vouchers that can only be redeemed in local bookstores.
As if the value is really linked to this voucher paper, while the voucher code is linked to the value with the online voucher. When redeeming this voucher must therefore get back into our hands.
You can redeem this voucher in a Lehmanns bookstore on site.