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The topic of investment is not just a challenge for women. But those who start boldly will be rewarded.

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Capital market podcast with a real change of perspective

Carsten Roemheld in conversation with experts on topics that move the markets. This month: women as losers from the corona crisis.

Fidelity Wealth Expert

With some of the best investment experts in the world, we take care of your investment from start to finish - with the aim of growing your money over the long term: *

  • Investing in the right systems
  • Minimizing risk through diversification
  • Monitoring the market through algorithms
  • Sensible adjustments in the event of market changes
To Fidelity Wealth Expert

our range

At Fidelity you not only receive funds, we also inform you about current topics and provide background information about finances.

Are you investing for the first time or are you looking for a new fund to add to your portfolio? Or has your life situation changed? Here you will find the right solution for every case.

Whether it's a short-term market movement or a long-term investment trend - this is where our analysts and market experts share their knowledge and experience on the topics that keep the markets in suspense.

Here you will find tips and information to get your investment on the right track. Your system can be planned more easily with our guides and tools.

Fund saving

Even small sums of money can grow into substantial savings over time. Save now regularly in a fund savings plan and benefit from the potential returns in the markets.

Professional investors

We offer tailor-made solutions and support for investment advisors, professional investors and providers of company pension schemes.

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Security and data protection

Privacy Policy

We assure you that your personal data will be treated with the greatest care and in compliance with the statutory provisions.

Financial protection

Your securities are kept in a separate depository. This protects your assets in the event of bankruptcy.

safety instructions

The protection of your personal data is our top priority. Your data is stored on specially secured servers.

We think in terms of generations and invest in the long term.

For around 50 years it has been Fidelity's core business to support clients around the world with outstanding investment solutions in achieving their financial goals. Institutional investors place their trust in us, as do private investors.

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* FIL Fondsbank uses the fund expertise of our capital management company FIL Fund Management (Ireland) Limited and the portfolio management expertise of FIL Investments International Limited for Fidelity Wealth Expert.