Where is bromine found in nature

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      1 orred c. The peculiar appearance of the accumulation of large masses of metallic compounds on mountain crevices, in corridors and camps, has. for the geologist as well as for the miner an equally great interest. The many related questions about ore formation, ore distribution, age and transformation of the ores have in part already found general explanations, but in particular a lot is still obscure and the formation of veins and ore is still a problem in general, only the final solution will be possible on the basis of as extensive an observation material as possible. It is scarcely necessary to say that chemistry must appear above all to give the exploration of this subject, as well as of many other important geological questions, an exact design; "Our earth is, as Bischoff so aptly puts it, a large chemical laboratory in which chemical processes have been going on without interruption since the first period of creation and will continue for as long as it describes its orbit around the sun." but the results of such investigations are useful for geology, so the observations of the occurrences in nature as well as the accompanying erosions are necessary for them.
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