Which insurance is taken out for you yourself

These insurances are important at the end of school

The most important insurances for young professionals and first-year students:

Health insurance

As a trainee, you are usually compulsorily insured with statutory health insurance. As a student, you can be insured through your parents in the statutory health insurance fund up to the age of 25 free of charge as part of the family insurance. But be careful: if you earn more than 450 euros on a student job, you also have to take out insurance yourself. However, exceptions apply to jobs during the semester break, as more can be earned.

If you already have private health insurance and want to stay on this during your studies, the existing contract must be continued with contributions. Most of the time, the private health insurance is provided by the parents, but there is no free family insurance like the GKV.

Travel health insurance is important for stays abroad. Even when traveling to countries with which there is a social security agreement, the necessary repatriation will not be paid for by the health insurance company. This can result in high costs for you.

More and more insurance companies are offering supplementary health insurance (e.g. for dental treatment), also for students. On the one hand, if you graduate at a young age, contributions are actually lower. On the other hand, you have to ask yourself: What do I really need - and what can I spend on it at the moment?

Personal liability insurance

This protection is essential. Everyone is liable for damage that he causes to another, with everything he has and will generate in the future. If your parents have a liability policy, family members are considered co-insured under most tariffs. This includes, for example, unmarried children during school time and the immediately following vocational training or studies. Some providers have an age limit of 25 years, but this can vary from insurer to insurer.

Once the training has been completed or the appropriate age has been reached, a separate contract is required.

Occupational disability insurance

Your own labor is the basis for securing your livelihood. No insurance protects against accident and illness, but it does protect against the financial consequences. Those who can no longer work for a long time for health reasons are often faced with existential problems. We therefore urgently recommend that you take out private disability insurance ("BU").

Schoolchildren, students and young professionals face particular problems when they lose their workforce. For them there is often no or only limited protection from the statutory pension insurance providers.

The earlier you sign a contract, the lower the contributions. Schoolchildren and students should also try to get their first BU coverage. You often still benefit from the favorable contributions and from an advantageous classification of the occupational group. This persists even if a risky profession is exercised later. Pre-existing medical conditions also play a major role in graduation. Anyone who already has a contract at a young and hopefully healthy age is on the safe side and can gradually expand it.

Attention: When concluding a contract, you should therefore ensure that you have sufficient options for "follow-up insurance" so that you can later increase the insurance benefits according to your needs without a new health check.

Household insurance

In most cases, home contents insurance is not that important for your first home. Depending on the insurance conditions, students living away from home can be insured against burglary and the like through parental insurance - but you should clarify this with the insurer in advance as a precaution. The insurance benefit is then usually capped.

Private pension and life insurance

The statutory pension alone will hardly be enough for the younger generations to maintain their accustomed standard of living. The younger you are, the less you can expect from the state later on. It's a good time to take care of this when it comes to your first job.

However, the models around Riester and Co. are very complex. We have put together an introduction to the possibilities here. We also help with individual advice.

Car insurance

If you drive a car, you must have vehicle liability insurance. But whether it also has to be partially / fully comprehensive insurance depends on two factors: your wallet and your car. This is because comprehensive insurance is often no longer worthwhile for older vehicles.