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All information about the DB aptitude test
IAS test at Deutsche Bahn

The IAS aptitude test is the last obstacle on the way to the desired position at Deutsche Bahn: Only those who have already successfully passed the online test and the job interview will receive an invitation.

What is the IAS proficiency test?

The IAS test for Deutsche Bahn is not an ordinary recruitment test - rather, it is intended to check whether an applicant is suitable for the requirements of the future profession. This is very important in the transport industry: Here employees are responsible for the safety of other people - a train driver, for example, for that of his colleagues and passengers. That is why laws and guidelines oblige employers like Deutsche Bahn to test their new employees in an aptitude test.

Deutsche Bahn commissions various companies, including the IAS Group, to carry out their aptitude test. The DB aptitude test from IAS is divided into two parts: the initial medical examination and the initial psychological examination. The DB aptitude tests of other companies are also structured very similarly.

Initial medical examination

During the initial medical examination, which lasts 30 to 45 minutes, a company doctor from the IAS group checks the applicant's physical condition. In this part of the IAS test, particular attention is paid to diseases and conditions that could potentially pose a threat in the workplace. This examines whether applicants can hear and see well - a lack of color vision, for example, could be dangerous because signals would not be recognized. Dizziness, seizures or severe diabetes can also be exclusion criteria.

In addition to vision and hearing tests, the examination also consists of urine and blood tests. These are used to check the metabolic functions, measure the blood sugar level and carry out a drug test. A general physical exam is also on the agenda.

Mental initial examination

Written aptitude test

The psychological part of the DB aptitude test lasts three to four hours, with small breaks in between. It is mostly completed on the computer, some parts also have to be worked on in writing. The content varies depending on the desired profession. Possible contents are:

Our tip: practice task types so that you don't waste valuable time understanding the requirements in an emergency. Also: appear well rested and as relaxed as possible for the IAS test, as this is the only way to achieve the necessary concentration.


For some fields of activity, job-related personality traits are examined in addition to skills. This is done by talking to a psychologist at the end of the DB aptitude test, which lasts around an hour. The psychologist asks questions about various situations on which the applicant must take a position. No special previous knowledge is required, and there are no right or wrong answers. Above all, honesty is important.


The result of the initial psychological examination is usually found immediately after the examination. Since laboratory results are also included in the medical result, it takes about a week before it is announced.