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The job as a front end developer is
  • versatile and varied
  • associated with teamwork
  • full of challenges
  • very flexible
  • well paid
Tasks as a front end developer
  • maintaining websites
  • security questions
  • continuous training
  • Finding and solving problems
Annual salary:
40.000 € – 80.000 €

Depending on

  • Experience
  • Level of training
  • Companies
  • Area of ​​responsibility

Front End DeveloperFrontend developer or web developer - as the profession is also called, it is extremely popular and offers many opportunities. But what exactly do you have to bring with you in order to get started as a front-end developer and what are your career opportunities as a front-end developer? We will give you answers and comprehensive information about your potential dream job as a front end developer or front end developer.

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frequently asked Questions

This job consists of mediating between the site operator and readers. The content is optimized for different operators and therefore site visitors.

It prepares content and information in such a way that they are clearly arranged, easy to find and read. To this end, the front end developer works closely with programmers and web designers.

The path to becoming a Front End Developer can either be through a degree or a technical college degree. However, there is no permanent qualification for the job description.

What is front end development?

German User interface development

  • Data prepared for private users
  • Creation or conversion of the layout
  • Client-side programming of page content

Job offers as a front end developer

Front End Developer: Definition

The front end developer acts as an interface between designers and programmers. Its main task is to present customer-created content in such a way that customers and readers (clients) can easily access it. The front-end developer is therefore also an interface between the client and potential customers and thus plays a decisive role in the success of the online presence.

To do this, front end developers have to optimize the website for Internet browsers. For this purpose, front end developers work together with web designers and backend developers. In smaller companies, the front end developers can also take on the tasks of the respective subsequent areas on a pro rata basis.

Front End Developer: Tasks

As a front end developer, you have to mediate between several different positions. Client and customers, designers and programmers, ideas of the client, internet browser and customers.

The results must be readable on various end devices without errors. As a result, your work area as a front-end developer is very versatile and varied. But also demanding and associated with a lot of teamwork.

In addition, as a front end developer, you have to be detail-oriented and have stamina. Because if an error has crept into the code, it is up to you as the front-end developer to track it down and fix it immediately.

So correcting and checking determine the work area of ​​the frontend developer? Not even close. Although these tasks make up a part of your job that should not be underestimated, the profession is much more diverse.

The tasks of a front end developer also include creating concepts, editing apps, developing UI components and designing libraries. Cloud products and platforms, structure and further developments do not allow boredom to arise.

Front End Developer: Requirements

As a front end developer, html, css and Javascript shouldn't be foreign words to you, but familiar languages ​​with which you are always up to date. That is one of the most important prerequisites.

Of course, this alone is not enough. However, there is also no degree or training that leads directly to a career as a front-end developer or front-end developer. A computer science or specialist computer science course in combination with corresponding internships is ideal as a prerequisite.

There are still career changers, but the trend is increasingly towards front end developers with a suitable degree. You also need to have some soft skills in order to prove yourself as a front end developer.

If some or all of the following statements apply to you, you are probably suitable for the job as a front end developer or front end developer.

I am good at mediating.
I can assert myself and justify my opinion.
I pay attention to details, but never lose sight of the big picture.
I can work independently as well as in a team.
I work solution-oriented.
I want to continuously develop myself and my knowledge.

Do most of these statements apply to you? Then you could have a career as a front end developer. Of course, it's not just your personality that decides whether you have good chances as a front-end developer. Competence and training also play crucial roles when working as a front-end developer.

Your skills

Front End Developer: Apprenticeship & Studies

There is still no direct route to becoming a Front End Developer, but a computer science degree or a comparable degree offers you the best opportunities. If you want to improve this, you should gain practical experience during your training.

This works best within internships, where ideally you can work in interdisciplinary teams or gain further training in other areas. Because front-end developers or front-end developers who can think outside the box are in demand.

As a front-end developer, your willingness to continue training is particularly important. Because new developments and changes are never long in coming in the industry. Web camps, courses and workshops are often just as much a part of everyday work for front end developers as the independent familiarization with new concepts.

If you are interested in the profession of Front End Developer, we have listed some universities here that offer computer science courses:

Course of studyuniversity
B.Sc. Computer science
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
B.Sc. Computer science

Technical University of Kaiserslautern
M.Sc. Computer scienceJulius Maximilians University of Würzburg
M.Sc. Computer Science

Technical University Berlin
M.Sc. Computer scienceLudwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Current vacancies & jobs

Front developer: entry

There are usually three options for entering a particular occupation:

Graduate (studies / training)

There are different ways of starting the job as a front end developer or front end developer. The most straightforward way is to study computer science in combination with practical experience as a front-end developer. This can be an internship or a dual course of study or further training alongside or after your studies.

Experts from related areas also have good opportunities as lateral entrants, as long as the basic requirements are met.

Helpful soft skills as a front end developer

As a front-end developer, you mainly deal with code, design and display on end devices - but you cannot avoid interacting with people. On the contrary. Your job represents an interface and you are the mediator. In terms of the Soft skills As a front-end developer, a lot is demanded of you. Amongst other things:

  • good English knowledge
  • Ability to work in a team, often in interdisciplinary teams
  • the ability to explain complex issues simply
  • Mediation between different areas
  • inner motivation to always stay up to date

Industries & areas

As a front-end developer, you have a free choice. Because every company with a website has a corresponding use for you as an expert. Therefore, you can - but don't have to - specialize in a specific area or industry.

The path is usually already given if you already have work experience or want to become a front end developer from a closely related area. The specialization is mostly in the focus on a certain area or a company size.

Frontend developer: the salary

As mentioned, there can be no general statement about the annual salary. This depends on the following factors:

  • Size of the company
  • Area of ​​responsibility
  • Extent of personal experience
  • Level of training
  • own stand in the company

The salary of a permanently employed front-end developer can differ significantly from that of an expert who is only employed in the company for a few months. The annual salary is usually between 40,000 and 80,000 euros. The monthly salary is between 3,000 and 6,000 euros.

However, you can positively influence the amount of income as a front-end developer by continuously educating yourself and offering additional services. You should also note that the salary depends on the project. As an employee in an agency, your income is secure. But mostly a little less. Temporary projects as a front-end developer may seem better paid at first, but are limited in time.

Career prospects& Career opportunities

further education

As a front-end developer or front-end developer, you are the interface and bear a high level of responsibility. That makes it easier to become a project planner - because you are already very familiar with this role. Further education and training can also impart theoretical and practical knowledge to you.

Among others, the following are suitable:

  • New code courses
  • Communication training
  • part-time studies in related fields

Your goals and opportunities as a front end developer are very broad. A specialization can also help to achieve an improvement as a front-end developer.

Promotion opportunities & career prospects

As a front end developer, you have a lot of opportunities to get involved in the job market. You can orientate yourself more on the programmer side, orient yourself as a frontend developer on analyzes or go more in the design direction.

You can also set up your own company and take a broader path as a front-end developer or front-end developer. Since the area around the activities on the Internet is still very flexible, you as a frontend developer have a lot of freedom of choice.

In addition to the other soft skills, you should also have a little willingness to be adventurous. As an employee, however, you can also realize yourself if you can assert yourself accordingly.

Jobs as a front end developer

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