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  • All YACHT tests 2020 at a glance

    Here you will find an overview of all tests of new and used yachts of the past year and you can download them directly

  • And it made noise ... Dehlya hits stone!

    05.11.2020That's not true! On the second exit with our Refit-Dehlya we thunder on a stone. What to arrange with the insurance company in such cases

  • How fast is Refit “Willy” really?

    During the refit, our Dehlya 25 was completely renewed and improved. But has it gotten faster? The comparison with an original boat. In the PDF download

  • Small pantry, big challenge

    Using the example of the cooking box in our Refit-Dehlya 25 "Willy", we provide tips on planning and equipping pantries on small boats. Now in PDF download

  • How fast is refit "Willy" really?

    During the refit, our Dehlya 25 was completely renewed and improved. But has "Willy" also gotten faster? The comparison with an original boat

  • Refit boat: You have to pay attention to this with the solar module

    16.08.2020Solar modules are practical, but where do they go on a small cruiser? In addition: This is how you get the maximum performance from the panel

  • Small pantry, big challenge

    With the example of the cooking box in our Refit-Dehlya 25 "Willy", we give tips on planning and equipping pantries on small boats

  • "Willys" cooking box - practical do-it-yourself pantry module

    07.07.2020 Are you looking for inspiration? Our refit dehlya now has a fully equipped pantry. We show what it's made of

  • Dehlya refit: who wants to mess with us?

    04.06.2020Is the new one just different or really better? We are looking for answers and a Dehlya 25 as a comparative candidate for our refit project "Willy"

  • Refit boat: the hardware equipment

    Even after 40 years we were able to install new, perfectly fitting original fittings from Sprenger. In other places we have successfully improvised and improved

  • Better than new! The refit final of the Dehlya 25 "Willy"

    30.01.2020After three years of restoration, the Dehlya 25 presents itself as a virtually new boat. What the conversion did and what it cost, now in the PDF download

  • Better than new! The refit final of the Dehlya 25 "Willy"

    02.01.2020After more than three years of restoration, the Dehlya 25 presents itself as a quasi new boat. What did the renovation work and what it cost

  • Refit boat: winter sailing on the Schlei!

    01/01/2020 Some will hardly believe it, but ... She sails! The most extensive project in YACHT history is well on its way with a new wardrobe

  • New deck covering for the Dehlya - cheap and durable

    The synthetic deck covering Permateek offers advantages over a classic wooden deck. How our refit boat was embellished on the top ... Now in the film

  • Hamburg Boat Show: the program at the YACHT stand

    Every day, experts give free lectures on travel, refit and other topics at the editorial booth in Hall B6. There are also attractive trade fair offers

  • Small stroke of genius: telescopic rudder for the Dehlya

    September 24th, 2019 Willi Dehler has thought of almost everything ... But there was no oar that could be pulled up and that would also work properly under sail. Davidswerft has added up

  • Now it's getting cozy: the new upholstery of the Refit-Dehlya

    01.08.2019We visited the brand new KZWO factory and took a look at where the Dehlya upholstery actually comes from

  • First test drives with the Dehlya 25 "Willy". She sails!

    The most exciting moment of the whole refit project: How does the new Dehlya 25 sail? Test at up to 18 knots of wind with some surprises

  • Like newborn ... Dehlya is swimming again

    05/30/2019 FINALLY ... our refit project is back in its element! The baptism was preceded by three years of intensive work - and everything did not always go according to plan

  • "I baptize you in the name ... 'Willy'!"

    Our Dehlya has been swimming since Thursday, and she has had a name again since yesterday evening. YACHT reader Martin Trockels suggested it

  • Only three weeks until the Dehlya is born again

    On May 24th, she will swim again at the Hamburg Ancora Yacht Festival - better than new. Until then, our little one in Singen will quickly get a sprayhood

  • What should the Dehlya be called? Creativity is required!

    The refit of the Dehlya 25 is coming to an end. Soon she will be baptized. But in what name? Do you have an idea?

  • The Dehlya gets a telescopic rudder

    Our refit yacht has been given a retractable rudder blade that reduces the draft for land transport and in shallow waters

  • Glue the cabin window: Now our Dehlya is tight again

    After the top coat at Wrede, we were finally able to glue in the new, much larger and more modern body windows. That's how it's done!

  • Dehlya-Refit: from the thankless work of interior design

    As is so often the case, it is the inconspicuous work that makes a refit project long. What is particularly common: Many time-consuming details are hardly noticeable later

  • The interior design: from the idea to reality

    The interior of the Dehlya 25 has been completely redesigned. The former plywood ambience gave way to modern design with current functionality

  • The deck painted, fittings installed: the Dehlya is back

    26.02.2019Final spurt. Really now!!! Only a few tasks remain on the long seemingly endless to-do list of our Dehlya refit. What has happened since boot

  • The final below deck: the Dehlya 25 shines as you choose

    The upholstery is in, the light is on: visitors to boot Düsseldorf were the first to see the Refit-Dehlya. There are now interior views for everyone

  • The big show! The Dehlya at boot in Düsseldorf

    The interior work is almost finished. Trade fair visitors will be the first to see the refit boat as it will be presented at its christening

  • First-hand knowledge at the YACHT stand

    Sonke Roever, Johannes Erdmann, Erich Wilts - you can meet experienced sailors as well as weather and refit professionals at our booth during boot Düsseldorf

  • Interior finishing: as if the Dehlya had gotten a lot bigger

    Our refit project is entering the final phase, the interior work is almost finished. Many innovations and measures improve usability and the feeling of space

  • White Christmas for the Dehlya

    The interior work is progressing at Jade Yachting in Wilhelmshaven. Almost all surfaces are painted, the fuselage cladding is also glued in

  • White Christmas for our Dehlya

    Of course, we don't yet know how the weather will be on Christmas Eve. But the Dehlya 25 will wear white, that's for sure. However, it is not yet shining

  • Winter camp in Wilhelmshaven - the last voyage of the Dehlya

    Our refit candidate has reached her final resting place for the time being this year. Whereby: It will definitely not be quiet for you at Jade Yachting

  • 100 weeks later: the Dehlya 25 at the Boat Show

    Almost two years of refit, thousands of working hours - the preliminary result can be seen at the Hamburg Boat Show

  • Taking measurements for the Dehlya's new deck

    On her flying visit to Lake Constance, our refit candidate not only won the hearts of Interboot visitors - the Dehlya also acted as a model

  • The interior is ready!

    It's a little journey back in time from 1984 to 2018, which our Dehlya has now also completed below deck. A short video overview

  • Dehlya with new interior fittings at the Interboot

    A mere 1,000 kilometers later, our refit boat is no longer in Kappeln, but for the first time on Lake Constance on the Interboot. Also on board: the brand new expansion

  • As in a department store: fitting the fittings

    The trial assembly of all fittings is important in order not to damage the top coat later and to enable follow-up work

  • Dehlya refit: smooth, gray and successful

    The deck, superstructure and cockpit have been primed, the last visual flaw removed. After weeks of preparatory work by the specialists, the Dehlya appears in a chic gray

  • From ugly duckling to proud swan

    The deck primer has been applied. For the first time, the reward for all the effort is evident. All the mess and damage are gone