Were Hitler and Stalin psychopaths

Controversial professor : Baberowski explains what he said

Jörg Baberowski, historian at Humboldt University, defends his statement that Hitler was not cruel. “Anyone who sees my statements in their context will understand very well what is meant,” he explains in an interview in the current issue of the magazine “Research and Teaching”: “I compared Hitler with Stalin. Stalin was a psychopath. Hitler wasn't one. Stalin enjoyed violence, Hitler did not. Hitler knew what he was doing. He was a desk clerk who did not want to know anything about the bloody consequences of his actions. That doesn't make his actions morally better, but worse. Nobody can really misunderstand that, ”explains Baberowski.
The “Spiegel” quoted Baberowski in February 2014 as saying: “Hitler was not a psychopath, he was not cruel. He didn't want anyone talking about the extermination of the Jews at his table. Stalin, on the other hand, lustfully completed and signed the death lists, he was malicious, he was a psychopath. "

There is no culture of debate in Germany

Baberowski also reports attacks against his house, believed to have been carried out by left-wing extremists. A few weeks ago the windows of the front door were smashed. The word "fear" was painted on the door. He also received death threats.
In Germany, Baberowski criticizes the lack of a culture of debate, including at universities. There the "rule of the politically correct" penetrated into all areas of university life. “The fact that I am not allowed to express myself critically about refugee policy without being viewed as right-wing extremists is evidence that there is still a lack of a factual culture of debate in Germany. Anyone who is not on the left is radical on the right, ”said Baberowski. The Cologne regional court recently ruled that freedom of expression allowed Baberowski's formulation about refugees to be described as “right-wing radical”. The question of whether this assessment is correct or incorrect is irrelevant.

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