How was Hudson Yards Manhattan built

Hudson Yards - Introducing New York’s controversial new luxury retort district

The most expensive private construction project in United States history, Hudson Yards on the west end of Manhattan between 30th and 34th Streets, opened last week. (To get a better idea of ​​the location, you can have a look at the map in the photo gallery). The first 6 skyscrapers, many shops, the cultural center ‘The Shed’ and the walk-in sculpture ‘The Vessel’ are now open to the public. But the whole city is definitely not happy. While builders and other proponents speak of a version of modern city construction that has become real, opponents criticize the Hudson Yards as a sterile collection of glass towers, where everything is so expensive that only people with a lot of money can feel comfortable there. The Hudson Yards would suit Dubai better than New York.

Here is the most important and interesting information about the Hudson Yards.

• The opening marks the end of ‘Phase 1’ of the project. Construction will continue until 2024 and 9 skyscrapers are to be added by then.

• Most of the buildings are office towers, but there will be 4,000 apartments in addition to shops and restaurants.

• Total construction costs should ultimately amount to approximately 25 billion dollars.

• Many companies from the elite of New Yorkers and the global real estate world are behind the various buildings. Above all ‘Related Company’ whose boss Steve Ross more or less brought the project to life.

• It was built ABOVE the ‘West Side Rail Yard’, a huge railway area with shunting and siding. For this purpose, a monumental steel plate was placed over the rail yard, for which 300 pillars were driven up to 24 meters deep into massive rock. A second such steel plate will follow. The total cost of the two plates is approximately one billion dollars. You can see how this was done in this video (1:48 min). There is also a picture of the work in the photo gallery.

• Hudson Yards' focal point is ‘The Vessel’ - A $ 200 million walk-in stair sculpture designed by London star designer Thomas Heatherwick which is now open (photo gallery).

• The extension of the subway line 7 to Hudson Yards with a new station (photo gallery) cost 2 billion dollars. The city should get this back over the years through property taxes.

• Builders received controversial tax breaks of $ 6 billion.

• The highest open-air viewing platform in the world, Edge The Edge ’(photo gallery) at a height of 335 meters, will open in 2020 in the 30 Hudson Yards building.

• The Shed Cultural Center (photo gallery) cost $ 500 million. It is the only one of the buildings that public developers have been involved in. The ‘outer shell’ of the building is movable. To see what that means, check out the video or picture in the photo gallery.

• Hudson Yards meets popular High Line Park (photo gallery) - There will be several points of contact between the 'Hudson Yards' and the 'High Line' (The High Line is a park on an old disused railroad 2.5 meters above ground ).